PSM3: Bayonetta review

PSM3 through CVG writes:

"Before you write off Bayonetta as a straight Devil May Cry clone, a weird Japanese hack'n'slash, or another sad attempt by a game to be sexy - STOP. Although it has elements of all these things, Bayonetta rises above such simple classification by being the boldest, most explosive and downright unashamed game we've played for years. It isn't a whacky genre game - it actually defines the genre it sits in.

On the surface, Bayonetta rightly draws comparisons to the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Dante's Inferno and Devil May Cry. At the core of the experience you're pushing face buttons to create combos that devastate your opponents. There are a huge amount of moves available, and you can switch weapon sets mid-combo to create an almost infinite string of blows. And it's all seriously easy to execute."

Overall Sexy, epic and wonderfully ridiculous - a slick action game.

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anti-gamer3275d ago

the game is fun but i think GOW3 & lord of shadow are more better.

GOW3 & lord of shadow are day one for me and i well get Bayonetta when the game are less than 30$ or i may skip the game.