1UP: Bayonetta (PS3) Review

1UP writes: "I could fill an entire review pointing out connections between the two, but from the obvious big picture ideas like how both are flashy, fluid, ridiculous action games that mix melee weapons with gunplay, to the smaller details like how certain enemy designs are eerily familiar, both exist within a very specific sub-niche of the third-person action genre -- one too lighthearted for games like Ninja Gaiden and God of War."

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GWAVE3226d ago

Meh. I still don't see all the hype for this game. What happened to "It's great, bu bu bu bu but no innovashun!!!"?

The media's new tactic: compare multiplatform games (that will show up on the PS3 anyway) to PS3 exclusives...

THE MAX SPEED 213226d ago

It's nothing people! it's Gwage having another one of his Conspiracy theory momment.

Seems to me you can't stand the idea of a Multiplatform game Being as Good as Any PS3 exclusive.

Simon_Brezhnev3226d ago

Tbh, i use to like DMC games until i was introduced to GoW series you always feel like your Kratos in the game. Yeah DMC is good if you only want action and combos like Bayonetta. If you want the whole package i say GoW series. Bayonetta just got that sick fetish in Japanese Hentai with that tenticles crap. Im really surprised it wasnt that loli bullshít but im pretty sure i bet some lil girl in the game trying to look sexy.

Montrealien3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

GWAVE is the Glenn Beck of N4G. Just another console pundit...

-Alpha3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

The damage control by some of you is unbelievable. Yeah, the media has an agenda against the PS3. /sarcasm

Just yesterday everybody is praising the media for giving props to the PS3. UC2 wins GOTY, PS3 is chosen as best console on Cnet, etc.

And now, JUST because Bayonetta is noticeably superior on the 360 "TEH MEDIA IS BIASED!"

This is bitterness at its best.

The 360 version was better. The PS3 version is still great, but not as good as the 360 version. Let's just get over it and at least hope that they can patch up the PS3 version instead of throwing around juvenile accusations.

Edit: @Guideo-- You can't predict the future, only speculate on it. This isn't about GoW. Yeah, games coming out on in the future are going to likely be better but let's not discredit Bayonetta for no reason. And please, do you have a lick of proof the media works like the way you assume it does?

It's pretty delusional for people to think that the media is trying to pettily hate on the PS3 by giving it numerous GOTY titles and then giving a lower score for the PS3 version of Bayonetta. Has it EVER occured to you guys that the PS3 version is just inferior? Is it that hard for people to swallow that they have to make up conspiracy theories about the media?

Guido3226d ago

This past week the media had an over dose of good news for the PS3 and now they need to take it back a notch and spit some negative news. Too bad that Bayonetta won't even be considered for any GOTY awards when the time comes. These games get soon forgotten and when GOWIII comes out, not a soul will even remember Bayonetta.

Chubear3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

This game can get 1million 10s across the world and I still don't get it. This game has NOTHING in it that warrants a 9 talk less of 10s. Men, good for those who follow reviewers lock step but after watching so many vids of gameplay and interviews and playing the game in my own hands, I just don't see how this game is getting rated higher than 8.8.

I'm sorry I have my own eyes and I just don't see it.

If a million people told me the sky is green and I see blue, I just can't follow and say "yeah yeah yeah, it's green for sure" I see the sky blue and it's blue to me no matter how many people tell me it's not blue.

lonestarmt3226d ago

seriously though this game is awesome and cool. So the game is slightly better on the 360 so what. Its still great and you still can buy it on the PS3 and enjoy the hell of it. Remember its wrong when xbox fanboys bash games any PS3 games, its wrong the other way around. What makes this so dumb in my eyes its not even a "xbox" game its multi-platform. lol

-Alpha3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Thanks for your 2 cents. Looking at your posting history and considering the fact that you are always very favorable to the PS3 over the 360 I find it no surprise that you find this game-- a game that has been proven to be superior on the 360-- to be no higher than an 8.8

Not that an 8.8 is a bad score. We are glad you have an opinion on it. Frankly I don't believe you've played it, but that's irrelevant.

It seems that you are in the minority of (ironically enough) PS3 fans on here who "just don't get it".

As for everybody else, they seem to be enjoying the game thoroughly, but different strokes for different folks.

@Chubear Below

Oh I know it's on the PS3 ;)

Unfortunately, it's not "the same game" considering that the PS3 version was a horrible port. Maybe that's why you don't like it, maybe you played the PS3 version.

Since when do games have to break a barrier in those categories of gameplay, story, graphics, to get a 9.5? Is there a rule that says 9+ scores are reserved for games that break those barriers?

Consider LittleBigPlanet. It didn't have the best graphics (technically), it didn't have a great story, it didn't even have a deep gameplay, yet it was great FUN.

Killzone 2. It had great graphics, but gameplay was typical of a shooter aside from the nice weighty feel and the cover mechanic. But it didn't break gameplay mechanics or story mechanics.

The point is that games don't have to do anything "innovative" or totally different to be considered worthy of a 9+ score.

Bayonetta apparently is enjoyed because it is enjoyable. It has a great artistic style, and people simply enjoy it. Why is that so hard to accept?

Edit 2: @Chubear again

Nobody has taken Bayonetta and claimed it to be a 360 exclusive. You're grasping at straws at this point.

Chubear3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

It's a multiplatform game not a 360 exclusive, so what are you on about? The same game is on the PS3 :/

I understand different strokes for folks but come on, this isn't some niche genre that a large % of the community don't really play. Hey, I'm not into JRPGs at all but I can still look at a Final Fantasy game and appreciate what it delivers as a 10 type game even though I don't play the genre but this, I just don't get it.

It's doing nothing in any gaming department that's extraordinary. Not in graphics, not in story, not in technicals, not in gameplay, not is anything so... it's 9.5 or 10 game because... it's fun? I dont' get it.

Cold 20003226d ago

The media is biaised ONLY when it doesn't favor the PS3 lol.

The funny thing is they're complaining about the media now, but if they had given this crappy port a very good score they STILL would have complained because they wouldnt believe that a non PS3 exclusive games can score better than PS3 exclusives like they always do when a 360 or multiplat game gets aa AAA score.
After that and buying the game they would have complained SOME MORE and diss reviewers because they would have seen that the PS3 version doesnt deserve a AAA score.

So no matter what happens you can count on Sony fanboys to whine, cry, complain and invent new and original conspiracy theories no matter what.

Chubear3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Wow, it's amazing how some gamers have taken multiplatform games and made them into 360 exclusives. Wow.

Hey, you know what? you guys just keep believing whatever you all need to believe and go enjoy the game you feel is a 10 type gaming experience.. as long as you dont' go doggin on some other game that's actually trying to bring great gaming experiences to current gen gaming cause then is when I show my arse.

If you think a blatant copy n' paste rip off of GoW1,2,coo&3 is a worthy gaming experience then that's great but don't show up during GoW3's or MAG's launch and dogg it to oblivion stating how Dante's inferno or bayonetta is "superior"

lonestarmt3226d ago

Chubear your example is horrible. This is a game on major taste. Very weird and crazy Japanese goodness. ITs not the sky is blue no its green. Its more I see navy blue, no I see baby blue. Either fraking way its still blue.

Now whats funny to me is if this was a PS3 only game there would be a lot of poeple talking about how stupid and silly it is and more Japanese wierdness. Doesn't matter, I bet this game still sells almost the same on both systems, if not PS3 the edge.

-Alpha3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Nobody is saying the game is a perfect 10, that's your assumption. People here who have played it are stating it's a great game, the media is saying it's a great game.

And FINALLY your agenda is revealed. You play the innovation card and try to pass of Bayonetta because it doesn't do anything new. It's evident you haven't played it since you fail to realize that the game has unique artistic properties. Not all games have to be innovative and for you to think that is absolutely absurd. Just look at Scribblenauts. Many games like Killzone 2 didn't push much outside graphics, but of course, god forbid you bash a PS3 exclusive!

Learn to differentiate between a rip off and what a genre is.

Hack and slash is a GENRE. Just because Bayonetta is a hack and slash action game doesn't mean that it's a rip off. What kind of logic is that? I mean, really? Let's try having a civil and logical debate please.

Let's forget the fact that by definition a rip off entails that the product is INFERIOR compared to the "real thing". Let's forget the fact that Bayonetta is considered on par, if not better than it's other competitors in the genre.

CLEARLY the truth is that Bayonetta is a RIP OFF JUST because it dares to be a hack and slash. Oh no, it's not that Bayonetta is the same GENRE as God of War, it's just that it's a RIP OFF. /SARCASM

If anybody comes to you when GoW3 releases and says Bayonetta is superior don't act surprised since YOU have come here first stating Bayonetta is a rip off. It's lovely how you try to spin it and act as if 360 fanboys are the one jealous of God of War when you are the one trying to bash and start all these flame wars.

Nice double standard.


The 360 fans are here for the same reason the PS3 fans are at the 360 ones: freedom of choice.

BlackTar1873226d ago

I dont get it. Good score i will play this game the conspiracy crap gets old fast but isnt this a ps3 review or am i missing something that the top posters in this article are more 360 fans only?

Thats weird isnt it unless of course im missing something.

Diamondwolf3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

You got one delusional side of folks who claim that the world is against them, regardless if it warrants it's belief (which some times it does) and when it's honest journalism, still spitting conspiracy theories when it's blatantly not true.

Then you got the other side making fun of them for being delusional by saying more delusional crap that their con artist convinced them to say and believe.

The best thing is, both side look stupid when you watch from the outside! it's great!

On Topic: I am a PS3 owner, I used to have the box but sold it when I realized that paying to play online was a rip off and I have a decent PC to play their "exclusives". That being said, I am buying Bayonetta on my PS3 and I will enjoy it regardless of .4, .8 or whatever redundant score difference there is in the game. AC2 got hammered for being a shoddy port and I'm very pleased how it turned out and got a shiny platinum to prove it.

Anyways, please..........continue *grabs popcorn*

hoops3225d ago

This game is actually getting great reviews. Mid 90's.

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gunnerforlife3226d ago

meh I think ill stick with the GOD, I was gone buy jut because of the DMC crater was behind it(Big DMC fan ) but not any more, ill buy it when its on the dust bin at GAME.

devilhunterx3226d ago

But IGN said the game is terrible?!

Dsnyder3226d ago

Nice job reviewers. You gave a game a perfect score because you play a a stripper. SO INNOVATIVE IM BUYING THIS DAY 1!!!!!!!!! /sarcasm

eagle213226d ago

I have been a gamer since the NES. This game may be your type, but not mine. It hasn't impressed me nor has her man face and giant Z cup tig-O-bitties. I hope you guys love it, I'm skipping it or playing it off a friend. DMC was good, but didn't wow me like it did so many others. Enjoy Bayonetta. :)

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