IGN: Bayonetta (PS3) Video Review

The demons of Inferno are your playthings -- now go crazy.

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Bungie3221d ago

what !!!

i thought it got 9.5

3221d ago
BigPappaPump3221d ago

sadly a dog chit port. 360 version for me when it hits the bargain basement.

deadreckoning6663221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

We can't stand for this guys. If we keep supporting bad ports then they'll keep being made.

LMAO @ Bungie
C'mon guys, we gotta rub it in. PS3 fanboys talked WAAAYY too much crap about this game.

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only on playstaychun3221d ago

If you dont want bad ports its simple, wait for it to go down in price and pick up Darksiders for now.

GameGambits3221d ago

I loved the demo on my PS3. I will def. rent and play through this on my 360 though if it's that big of a difference.

Glad to see this game get great reviews when so many people were doubting it could be that fun to play.

That aside I will say that the guy at IGN had a poor video review. He doesn't touch on jack crap about the game and just flat out points to the fact that HE really liked it, but couldn't put into words why. I'm not going to use IGN's review as something to lure my buddies into trying it out as well since he did his job poorly, but again I'm glad it got a great score.

Going to play this when it hits. :)

Cold 20003221d ago

XBOX 360 version gets a 9.5 ;)

PrimordialSoupBase3221d ago

Hopefully Platinum Games will handle both versions should there be a sequel.

2-oj3221d ago

I thought you only have 5 bubbles? oh multiple accounts i see...

Why you always commenting first? nothing interesting to play on your 360 huh.

ico923221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

im actually extremley dissapointed i mean especially with the loading screens how on earth could the developer ship that game out in that form of state, they clearly didnt give to sh!ts about the ps3 version or the ps3's userbase , if your not gonna make a decent port of a game dont make one at all.

its the orange box all over again

Eamon3221d ago

LOL @ Bungie's first comment

Stop lying, you were blatantly taking the mick out of the ps3 port.

lonestarmt3221d ago

I will reserve my judgment on wether if the PS3 version is that much worse until I play it myself. I'm done with listening to bloated ego reviewers.

2-oj3221d ago

Just watched the review damn you SEGA! at least we got Yakuza 3.

Mozilla893221d ago

We all know the PS3 is capable of running this game, but it seems like someone just got lazy or ran out of time. Although, in the demo, I didn't notice the washed out colors or the loading screens that were mentioned...

THE MAX SPEED 213221d ago


Bungie is that Dude! bubbles+

himdeel3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

...and this is the only support I'd give for a crappy port. 360 gets the definitive version of Bayonetta. It's almost 2010 and developers still cannot program for the sad for us PS3 only owners when we desire to buy a multiplatform game :(

What's next?! Aquaman gonna drown in the bath tub?!

Edit: Baka this game will sell at least 600k+ on the 360. Also this is a very blanket statement on my part but I expect a lot of younger gamers will find a way to get their parents to purchase Bayonetta.

This game probably would've appealed to me if I was about 18 years younger than I am now. Likewise given my age and finances I cannot afford a poor multiplatform port. Just doesn't make good economic sense when other multiplatform games are indistinguishable between consoles.

Baka-akaB3221d ago


you are right to stand up against a bad port . Now just wait a bad one cause this isnt .
The game runs fine , it's just inferior to the 360 version . It's dissapointing indeed but that's it .

Now stuff like the orange box that's a bad port , and stuff to banish into oblivion ...

But to miss out on a good game because of less good texture and loading (then again better boycott every multi games , they often all load slower on ps3) , is silly to me .

Unless you in fact didnt care that much to begin with , and were on the fence ...

AKNAA3221d ago

I was excited at first, but now that we can all clearly see that the 360 version is way better, im gonna skip this sorry for an excuse ps3 port and just wait for dante's inferno and gow3...

its no big deal, only just makes my decision easier to cut certain games out since i can't afford them all.

-Alpha3221d ago

Weren't their articles stating Sony planned on fixing the game?

Anyways I'm absolutely shocked. Not only is this going to look bad on the PS3 but now PS3 fans are going to act like they don't care about the game which is really unfortunate because this whole situation could have been avoided.

I don't know why the PS3 version can't be on par with the 360 version, but this is pretty upsetting

Obelisk923221d ago

1.3 less than the 360 version only for graphical jaggies? Isn't it a little exaggerated?

I think I'll get the 360 version, but the early 2010 lineup is sooooo strong... I have to make some choices...

Saaking3221d ago

This is just a disgrace. If you can't port it right then don't do it. I mean, look at GOWIII. Bayonetta doesn't even come close therefore it's very safe to assume the PS3 can run Bayonneta just as good as the 360. Lazy porting FTL.

-Alpha3221d ago

God of War 3 isnt even out yet. The issues with Bayonetta are technical more than anything.

You havent played the final GoW game so it's not safe to assume anything.

In fact, this isn't about GoW whatsoever. It's ultimately a bad port, though I'm not sure if one can assume it to be "lazy"

I want to give Sega the benefit of the doubt and if anybody can find me sources showing Sega didn't care, then I'll be satisfied on hating on them.

I read elsewhere that Sony was going to fix up the game but I guess it was false.

It's unfortunate, but I'm still having my fingers crossed that once Sega rakes in the cash they can put it towards patching the PS3 version.

BYE3221d ago

Well, Platinum Games, you could have made a lot more money with the game by taking care of the port yourself.

Unfortunately, you were lazy and handed it over to Sega. Too bad for you...

sikbeta3221d ago funny, why are you here if you already know the score of teh xbox version?

This game is F*cking half @$$€D PORT!!!!!

Platinum don't deserve a C€NT, I'll never support a bad port again

Diamondwolf3221d ago

Great mentality people, DOWN WITH THE BAD PORTS! Screw those lazy devs who realize that a bad port won't help them make money but just throw a bone out to the people they ported too.

I mean, they wanted the PS3 to look bad just to show how stupid $ony is! DAMN THEM! /s

Tell you guys what, don't support the bad port and don't be suprised when Bayonetta 2 is a 360 exlusive.

I'll enjoy this game on my PS3, guess I'll be the only one huh? and in 2 years play Bayonetta 2 on my buddies 360

PrimordialSoupBase3221d ago


Lazy? You are obviously absolutely ignorant to what goes into videogame development. Developers only have an allotted amount of man power and resources, it's Sega that should have invested in Platinum to handle the port if they had true faith in their product.

we won3221d ago

What happened to the articles saying Sony will fix the PS3 version? Just kidding we all know SDF makes things up. What is Sony going to do? Go to everybody's house and replace the Cell in their PS3s?

BRG90003221d ago

I'm just pleasantly surprised people here aren't (yet) claiming that Microsoft paid Sega to make a bad port.

vickers5003221d ago

"but now PS3 fans are going to act like they don't care about the game"

Thank you for telling me how much I secretly love the game. I had no idea how envious I was of 360 owners getting the better port of this "awesome" game. You surely know my likes/dislikes better than I. I must not like this game for the sole reason that it is better on the 360. Thank you for clearing that up for me, and telling ME what I really love, I was sooo confused before!


Seriously though, the demo sucked ass. The action seemed too "HEY, LOOK AT ME!!!" and a little gimmicky. I don't know, maybe it's that annoying as f*ck music that sounds like elephants getting raped that ruins the game for me. I have both ps3 and 360, but I don't want to get this game on either system. This game DEFINITELY does not deserve a 9.5. Maybe 9.3 at the most, but not a 9.5.

Bigpappy3221d ago

They are just saying it looks better on the 360 and loads faster. The opposite happen with Dragon Age, but 360 owners still bought the less visually challenge port. In fact it out sold the PS3 version 2:1 even with bad press. DA PS3 got 9.5 and 360 got 8.5. I played only the 360 version and gave it 9.6. See I had no problem with the graphics. If you suck up your childish egos and play the game, you might find that the review really didn't matter after all. 8.2 is not a bad score by the way.

shawnsl653221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Darksiders is going to rape this game front back left and right!

Who would you rather play as, a badass horseman of the apocalypse or some fugly looking twig mom.

Although, i have to admit, the gameplay does look very nice. It'll be on the torrent site quicker than you can read my comment.

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Guido3221d ago

It's foolish to have a personal opinion of game genres and to decide for one self that a game is not for them. Very foolish indeed!


sikbeta3221d ago

Because is better to support a [email protected] port right?

If you give money to Devs that don't care about improve their games, this lazy trend is never going to end

harv0523221d ago

Well, another Japanese developer just showed how Outdated they are...Shoulda called Naughty Dog, I'm sure they would've helped you...

Diamondwolf3221d ago

Man, if you really believe what you say, I feel bad for you.

Mista T3221d ago

played the demo on my xbox a week ago and was disgusted, such an overrated POS

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sashimi3221d ago

ZOMG Ps3 version scored lower then the Xbox version, someone quick call the quality police.What will i do =O guess i'll just settle for all those AAA exclusive games for the Ps3 while i wait for the price to drop if i ever bother picking this up.

thief3221d ago

The funny thing is - the difference in terms of performance or visual quality between Bayonetta 360 and PS3 is far lesser than the massive gap between, say, Killzone 2 or UC2 on one hand and 360 exclusives such as ODST or L4D2
360 multiplats > PS3 multiplats sometimes
PS3 multiplats > 350 multiplats occasionally
PS3 exclusives >>> 360 excluives always!

Guido3221d ago

And deserving of bubbles.

-Alpha3221d ago

So what? That is completely irrelevant to this. We all know UC2 looks great, but what does that have to do with this?

Your point is noted, but unnecessary.

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