IGN: Bayonetta PS3 Review

Although Bayonetta has more than a few similarities to Devil May Cry, I believe that this game is worth playing... but it's hard to recommend the PS3 version when the 360 version is so much better. Even when you consider the fantastic combat system, the slowdown and load times really do spoil the fun.

With that said, Bayonetta is still stylish, entertaining and unique. If you have no other choice but to purchase the PS3 version, you'll still get a kick out of it. Just be ready to be exorbitantly patient.

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Bungie3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

what's wrong it's 9.5 not 8.2 !!!

EDIT: never mind ps3 version only :(

SasanovaS19873220d ago

so...because of loading time, it loses 1.3 points. hahaha utter garbage of a review. learn how to grade and rate games plz.

Saaking3220d ago

It's a bad port, but 1.2 points below? Is the PS3 port really THAT bad?

Fishy Fingers3220d ago

I played both and I didnt think so. Although I didn't like the game so I might not be the right person to judge. The music alone was just pure torture.

Marceles3220d ago

The 360 port has like...nothing wrong with it lol. I played through the PS3 version 100% but once I played the 360 version yeah...I have to say the PS3 version got hosed when it came to the porting. It almost made me mad that I imported it...almost. The game was still good

Sexius Maximus3220d ago

Most (NOT all) multiplats have been better on the 360, but a 8.2 is still a very respectable score and hardly "shoddy" Go and enjoy whatever version you can get. It's no big secret that the PS3 can have nicer looking games, but it's also harder and more expensive to develop for, and SEGA doesn't have much disposable income. Besides I'm still giving SEGA mad props for Valkyria Chronicles.

harv0523220d ago

Bungie, you're a douchebag!!!

HammockGames3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I played both demos and didn't notice "constant load times" on either version -> the reason for 4.5 out of 10 on presentation in this review (PS3 version).

BUT, I wonder if the full game on PS3 is really, really bad with this like it's made out to be in this review. I could see where CONSTANT loading in a fast paced action game could really take away from the experience. A little loading here and there I can take. All the time = bargain bin. Anybody already have a PS3 copy that can speak to this?

I usually get multiplats on my PS3 => saves wear and tear on my 360 and most multiplats are pretty close in quality. But this game may be a different matter.

EDIT: Conflicting opinions on the loading issue. The review on 1UP seems to dismiss loading times/frequencies as being that big a deal. They still tip the hat to the 360 version, but not by such a wide margin. My biggest concern is this - DOES THE LOADING ISSUE SCREW WITH THE ACTION OR NOT?!

Rampant3220d ago

I guess the 360 just got another AAA game.

ape0073220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

you gave gta 4 a 10 on ps3(overrated yes)why???

gta 4 ps3 version is more F***** up than bayonetta

just mindblowing

Im getting it on xbox of course

edit:what is that ign??? a 1.3 difference??

it should be like .5 or .2

kaveti66163220d ago

In my opinion, this game deserves no more than an 8 across all platforms. Therefore, this score is more valid than the 9.5 that IGN gave to the 360 version.

THE MAX SPEED 213220d ago

Bungie is that DUDE! bubbles+

3220d ago
deadreckoning6663220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

@Saaking- How is an 8.2 score bad? Its still a great action game. The reason I'm not buying it is because I'm not supporting an inferior port. Bayonetta should have been EQUAL on both consoles. I thk that Sega just lost TONS of PS3 sales over this.

LeonSKennedy4Life3220d ago


It's a great port!!!

I'm not kidding! Play it!

Bnet3433220d ago

This is one of those games I actually wanted to get on the PS3 because of the controller, but damn ... what a phuck up by Sega, no doubt.

Genesis53220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I won't be buying it(not at full price anyway bargin bin later maybe). I go with Dante and GOW. At least the developers put the time into these games to make it work right. PS3 owners have way to many good games to choose from to be buying crappy ports.

Sorry Sega looks like you lost a whole bunch of sale on this one.

Mr Logic3220d ago

What is your problem with GTA4? Multiple sites, including IGN, said that the PS3 version was SUPERIOR.

Megaton3220d ago

The Japanese PS3 demo didn't strike me as unplayable by any means, but still, this is pathetic. Make it 360 exclusive if you don't have the time/money/talent to program properly for the PS3. Save yourself the embarrassment and your fans the frustration. Lost a bit of respect for Kamiya for pulling an Orange Box with his game.

Saaking3220d ago

I might just skip this and wait till it's cheaper. You Xbox fans enjoy this superior version of a MUTLIPLAT. I'll be busy with the many AAA PS3 exclusives coming out the first half of 2010.

Information Minister3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

@ Leon: No, it is not a great port. It wasn't a great game to begin with, in my opinion. But then again... I'm not in my teens anymore.

@ Happyface: Oh, don't worry. PS3 fans are not upset about their graphically inferior (=/= terrible) port of Bayonetta. GoW III is coming soon.

ape0073220d ago

no comment

it's either you right or I have to get eye glasses

totally puzzling

Dark General3220d ago

It sounds like a install would have solved those loading problems on the Ps3 version. Anyone know if the import version needed a install?

solidjun53220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

IGN and some other publications did say that. They didn't say vastly superior but it ran well on the PS3. Maybe we're just seeing different things. I've seen both side by side and no noticeable differences except for the pop-up textures on the 360. Other than that, I don't know how you're getting the GTA4 being F-ed on the PS3. Frame-rates were the same. I didn't see much of a difference.

@Dark General: It's possible. I don't mind that, if it helps with the game. If framerate and the loading time is as bad as they claim it to be, then that would have been a viable option.

littletad3220d ago

Fans deserve a good port. It was what was promised to them. Now this? I really don't know whose to blame, Sega or Sony?

Digitaldude3220d ago

Lol okay then IGNorant.
A site that plays ALL its multi plats on 360, can it be trusted? Of course not.
Ah well I still wanna play it.

Anon19743220d ago

And let that be a lesson to the developer. If you can't be bothered to properly port a game, on any platform, and just churn out a quick and dirty port to make an extra couple of bucks don't expect gamers to buy it. With so many excellent exclusives, and excellent ports available on the PS3, PS3 owners simply don't need your crappy ports. There's enough excellent games available now on the PS3 to keep any gamer occupied for years.

I say avoid this crap and force underachieving developers to pay the price.

Pyrrhus3220d ago

Well wait till its dropped down.

Considering i hate her voice adn the music .. i can wait.

boodybandit3220d ago

I honestly don't understand the hype behind this game or why it's being rated so high. I didn't care for the demo. It's like a cross between DMC and Ninja Gaiden. I was thinking about renting it but the thought of purchasing it never crossed my mind.

The only game I would buy from this genre is God of War but only because of the story and it's more like an action adventure game then a button mashing beatem up like this game. The only reason this topic is getting so much attention is because of Sega's poor porting. Seriously though, WTF has Sega made the past few years that was note worthy?

I cant remember the last Sega game I purchased. Maybe VF5.

Question and it's an honest one.
Why do people get so worked up over poor ports on either side?
How can anyone that is an XBox fan look at this as bragging rights or a means to take shot at Sony fans. Why do Sony fans give a sh1t when they are getting a game that basically plays the same but has a couple quirks? Will it deter you from renting or buying the game? Is this a system selling game? Has any poor port been a system selling game?

No. They usually come from average to below average devs that won't put the time into making the game a solid port. I'm sorry but I am a 360 fan first and a PS3 fan 2nd. Without question the PS3 is superior hardware and their exclusives prove that in spades.

IMHO it only goes to show just how poor MS has done the past couple years with their exclusives that people are pounding their chest over shoddy ports. Disagree and take bubbles all you want. It's the truth plain and simple. Deal with it.

Alvadr3220d ago

If your a fan of the PS3 I strongly urge you not to support the developers of this game... Dont buy it!!! It looks rubbish anyway!!

Narutone663220d ago

it scored lower on the PS3 is that it's not up to PS3's standard.
The PS3 have a lot of great games, it's only normal for it to score low. It will score higher on the 360 because the 360 have no other great games.

pixelsword3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

If you don't like load times, and if you can, get it on the 360; it has the better port for your taste, period. No need to deny it.

I personally didn't care for it because I was expecting GoW gameplay and got DMC (because of the hype mongers that all themselves "reporters"). Not a bad thing, but the hype had me thinking one thing and I got pissed because it was like another; it just left a bad first impression, that's all. Maybe I'll fire up the box and at least rent it to see if I'll like it down the line. I'm open and I'm DEFINITELY not getting the PS3 version... at least not at full price.

But how is this game getting a lower score because of load times, but Mass Effect got a 9.4 and that game had horrendous load times? Are they comparing Bayonetta to the PS3 version? Did they compare the PC version of Mass Effect to the PC version?

How do they justify such a drop on score when other games don't suffer a drop in score from load times?

boodybandit3219d ago

I agree with the inconsistency of the media and their rating systems. When I read what you wrote the first thing that came to mind was Forza 3. A couple sites mentioned the load times of Forza 3 but none docked it points because of them and it has some of the longest load times this generation for a racing title.

3219d ago
vhero3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Silly reasons to sock so much points. Waiting times makes the game worse?? Erm okay... So I guess When I was playing my spectrum 48k all those years ago I never bought games as DAMN!!!! THOSE WERE WAITING TIMES! IGN - there all about WHO reviews it for their site some of their reviewers are biased and we all know the 360 version was made by original devs so was gonna be a better port but there is definitely a hint of biased in there.

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ToastyMcNibbles3220d ago

a shame the ps3 version turned out the way it did... i have a 360 and do want to play this game so i'll most likely buy or rent that version.. thats a pretty big difference when compared to the 9.5 given to the 360 version

3220d ago
DatNJDom813220d ago

Why would anyone buy a 360 for a multiplat? I would buy a 360 for its exclusive. Oh wait, that right its all 360 fanatics can come up with in 2009. Come with something better next time. 2010 does look a little better for 360. Well only Splinter Cell does. Let's hope its good.

On Topic..... This game isn't for me. The music alone literally makes me want to slam my TV. I'm sticking with GOW and DI. No way I'm supporting a fcuked up port.

solidjun53220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

You're such an idiot. It was made from the ground up on the 360. The assets were then given to sega for the PS3. Think before you write fanboy.

'Why would anyone buy a 360 for a multiplat? I would buy a 360 for its exclusive. Oh wait, that right its all 360 fanatics can come up with in 2009. Come with something better next time. 2010 does look a little better for 360. Well only Splinter Cell does. Let's hope its good."

Huh? dude, multiplatforms are great on either consoles. Honestly, the difference is so small most of the time, only GT or Lens or some other site (obscure I'm sure) tries to bring it up for unnecessary fodder. Really this isn't 2007 anymore where bad ports were the norm. I should know, I owned orange box (not so bad) and Madden 2008 (that was atrocious). Now Bayonetta is apparently the exception, but it's certainly not the rule. As least not anymore. Right now, for Multiplatforms games, it's all preference. Whether you like the controller or multiplayer service. To be honest with you, it's a wash. My cousin loves the 360 controller. My other cousin loves the PS3 controller. Some people love live, some love PSN. Tomato, Tomato.

DatNJDom813220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I never said multiplats are bad. On the contrary. I enjoy multiplats alot. I see what your saying about buying a 360 for controller preferance, exclusives, etc. which is exactly the point I was trying to make (might have messed up the words a little). But to buy a 360 JUST for the multiplat is weird to me being that all multiplats that have come out lately are on par with each other. To say that the graffix were weakend on PS3 so a multiplat game can run correctly is dog diarrhea. However, I do see your point.

solidjun53220d ago

Sorry for the apparent abrasiveness. Have a bubble. ^_^

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Pennywise3220d ago

How does Sega release a shoddy PS3 version? Pretty bad business.

I am sure they will announce a patch to fix it just like every other game. Still bad.

kingdavid3220d ago

Japanese ps3 copies outsold their 360 counterparts.

You gotta feel for them.

mastiffchild3219d ago

Why all the Sega hate? At least they MADE a port for the PS3which is WAY more than Platinum and Kamiya bothered doing, is it not? Obviously, with them not being the creators of the game it wasn't ever gonna be the same as the 360 original but the thing is the weaknesses of Sega's efforts have been toptally blown out of all proportion. TOB on PS3 was awful and STILL got 9/10 everywhere, TOB on 360 was better but still poor compared to PC and still got 9.3-9.5s everywhere-and the great, amazing PC version got? Abvout the same as 360!

Seriously, I was a little upset that Kamiya just upped the tit and madness count from DMC for Bayonetta rather than y'know, making a really new IP but having demoed it on both systems I don't find the drastic differences we did with TOB(and a few others) which would make me play it on 360. I'll be picking it up for PS3 as the shortcomings really aren't as bad as made out(plus the 360 version isn't perfect either)and are nowhere near enough to make me want to suffer through an actioner with the 360 pad which I just can't get comfortable with-esp for fighting and action games. For someone with the same preference of controller I wouldn't hesitate to say get the PS3 version as I really can't see the massive issues that have been talked about here.

The slowdown, imo, is pretty weird though as it doesn't always happen at the usual, busy screen times which makes me think it might be something they could fix rather than all the code just not suiting PS3 architechture whatsoever. Load times aren't as bad as ME1 on 360(which didn't get marked down) and the difference from 360 to PS3 for it is nothing like the gapiong chasm between the PC and 360 versions of L4D(something the media NEVER mentions and, to me, the biggest con of the whole generation-it's SO much better on PC that paying more on 360 really, really got my goat and convinced me trhat Valve jhate the 360 just as much as the PS3! If it wasn't easy money for them they wouldn't bother)so I agree wioth those saying there's an inconsistency with scores here-but with different sites, different times and different reviewers that happens.

Bottom line, to me, is that if you wanna blame someone make sure it's Platinum and not Sega and also don't believe this is an unplayable mess as it simply isn't-it's not as sharp as on 360 but the problems just don't reach the level made out.

cmacdonald3220d ago

Don't support bad ports.

3220d ago
happyface3220d ago

address your complaints to sony and their ps3 hardware design, cant fault the devs if their masterpiece wouldn't run on the weaker ps3 hardware

jut4203220d ago

right Happyface... that's why Killzone 2 is one of the most (if not the most) technically impressive games ever made on consoles, ya know, because the PS3 is weaker right?

Anorexorcist3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

But in all honestly, why waste the $60 when Kratos and his a$$-slicing Blades of Chaos are only three months away?

chrisulloa3220d ago

Because it's something new, and not from a franchise that everyone's already played.

blitz06233220d ago

Lasting Appeal: Same description. PS3 gets 9.0 360 gets 9.5. Nice review IGN

Teh Cell3220d ago

Makes sense. You will want to replay the game over and over to collect everything, but the horrible presentation on the ps3 will detract from the experience.

arsenal553220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

yeah this game looks like crap compared to god of war 3. I will wait till gow3

but before then ill pick up MAG. good to be a ps3 owner :)

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