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IGN UK: "We're can't put our finger on when exactly it was we fell in love with Bayonetta – whether it was at the very off, as the game sent us cascading through the stars without a crib sheet, giving a glimpse of the insanity to come, or whether it was with Bayonetta herself, as she performed a libidinous breakdance of death, spitting bullets from her gun-touting heels. Or maybe it was when a loungecore version of Magical Sound Shower complete with battling synths accompanied a fight against horn-wielding angels on the roofs of speeding cars, which soon gave way to an extended on-bike tribute to Super Hang-on."

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Darkeyes3227d ago

In before Rikitatsu's usual GOW3 sucks lol... Nice score between... Might pick it up when price drops or used... Can't shell a dime now.

Cyrax_873227d ago

it's teh sex! Don't lie! Good score by the way, I still haven't played a hack and slash game this gen but it looks like I'll be picking this up along with GoW3 and Dantes Inferno. All within the same quarter of the year >_>

deadreckoning6663226d ago

I was planning on buying GOW3, Bayonetta, and DI but after hearing IGNs review I gunna skip on Bayonetta. I'm not supporting a bad port.

sikbeta3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Weird rikitatstu didn't show up

I only going to say that I saw a video on youtube when the chick is dancing like 5 minutes and at some point show a little of pixel-skin, nothing bad about that but dancing ala Britney Spears is really stupid IMO

I hope this game to be fixed for the PS3 and don't end up being a [email protected] port


I find the video and if this is sexy, nerds get laid with hot chicks all day and I never realize, sorry my sarcastic level is in decline

Ravage273226d ago

uggh..that really turns me off. Looks like this is one of those game you can't judge by playing the demo alone (demo was horrendous imo).

Don't know why people(esp. those retards over at Edge) are comparing it to GOW though, they are so different and obviously appeals to different audiences. For me,GOW is the only one i need. I still can't believe i miss out on the GOW series back in the PS2 days. Currently working on my 2nd platinum(for GOW2) and loving every minute of it. Needless to say,it's going to take one hell of a game to top GOW in EPICness, immersion,character and storyline. Bayonetta doesn't cut it in my eyes

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belal3226d ago

this game is quite good then?

the ps3 version was so bad that i don't want to buy this game yet...

before everyone starts to burn me, i am a ps3 fan.

il rather wait for gow3 etc.

LeonSKennedy4Life3226d ago

Did you play the American demo?

It was much improved over the Japanese demo.

I can't wait for this game!!!

-Alpha3226d ago

It's simply not on the same level as the 360 version.

Homicide3226d ago

^This really. If it was bad, it would've gotten a much lower score. The PS3 version should look fine as long as you don't have the superior 360 version running besides it.

happy_gilmore3226d ago

played the demo. nothing special.

it's the same thing with assassin's creed 2 and dragon age. played those games and no way those were 9's

chrisulloa3226d ago

Ass pained droids everywhere, every time we get better ports and exclusives.

Mista T3226d ago

I played this on my xbox and it was pitiful, no words can describe how bad and repetitive this game is

AliTheBrit193226d ago

Well the Xbox 360 is a 9

The PS3 is an 8

When will you learn kid? ;)

Homicide3226d ago

I never doubted Kamiya. This is going to be a sweet game. Can't wait to play it on my Xbox 360.

rawd3226d ago

9.6 ?!?! I've barely heard about this game and it gets a 9.6. Does it give you a beejer or something

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