Top SteelSeries Siberia USB sound card review

Siberia USB Sound card review The SteelSeries Siberia USB sound card offers a lot of features in its tiny package, but it's not for everyone. The SteelSeries Siberia USB sound card is a compact, portable 7.1 USB sound card designed to be used with a 7.1 virtual surround sound headset.


Installation is simple: connect the Siberia Sound card to a USB cable (which is included with it), connect the USB cable to a USB 2.0 port on your computer, and then connect your headset to the 1/8" audio input and mic connectors on the sound card. The sound card, which is only slightly larger than a typical thumb drive, also serves as an in-line remote, with volume controls and microphone muting. The Siberia USB sound card comes in both white and black.

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