Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 reviewed by GameShard

GameShard gives some thoughts on the PS3 version of Ninja Gaiden 2.

"If you haven't played Ninja Gaiden 2, its probably worth picking that up instead of Sigma 2; its half the price, and you get the oodles of blood and gore which add far more to the experience than you'd expect. Sigma 2 is still fun, and the addition of the missions and new sections add a little extra to the game, but the new bosses break the pace and add artificial difficulty to some parts, whilst the fact that Team Ninja hasn't addressed problems like the camera and balance is mostly unforgivable. It's still enjoyable, and co-op is a blast, but this isn't the definitive version it could have- and should have- been."

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robotnik3318d ago

It feels good to finish this game in Master Ninja mode.