Full Mass Effect 2 Cinematic Trailer now on XBL

The Lost Gamer writes "Whilst a teaser was released a couple of weeks ago, the full cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 2 has today hit Xbox Live in Europe and is available to download at 177.40Mb."

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Frostbyte3221d ago

That was an awsome trailer

ThatCanadianGuy3221d ago

I agree.That trailer was ass.

Neoraf3221d ago

I can't wait for this game!
My most anticipated game of the year.

Mass Effect was a 10/10 for me.
Mass Effect 2 will be 11/10!

Yes, I'm a Mass Effect believer. It's like if this franchise was made for me.
So much better than Star Wars, so much deeper than any other game universe this gen. So much immersion.

camachoreloaded88063221d ago

You notice how people looking forward to these Xbox 360 games don't take the time to brag about how they're not available on the PS3? They just comment on how cool the game is, how much they're anticipating it, and so on.

But, in every PS3 exclusive (or any PS3 article for that matter), within the first comments you'll almost always have people reminding you that it's only on the PS3, and how it's an infinitely better console than the 360, and yada yada yada. Sometimes they do it through subtle methods, other times in right in your face. Just an observation.

duplissi3221d ago


i believe thats because over the past year xbox fans have had to eat some humble pie, and ps3 fans finally felt release from all the bull that took place in 07 and in 08

camachoreloaded88063221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

The PS3 was taking a lot of crap during its first few years, I can't imagine what Microsoft fanboys were saying back then. I must say it's a little satisfying to hear people admit the PS3's recent progress, considering that these same people were predicting that the PS3 would be dead soon after it launched.

ThanatosDMC3221d ago

I just hope gameplay would be more dynamic and enemy AI wont be retarded like my teammates.

I swear when i saw the trailer, i was thinking about Darth Vader's "NOOOOO!!!"

7thNightvolley3221d ago

this game .. is sitting pretty in my pre order list...nothing less than 4 playthroughs at LEAST.. beautiful trailer MASS EFFECT 2!!!.. bioware.. love u to bits.. give me a beautiful RPG..

jimbone3219d ago

I was not here when the 360 fanboy's were like that, but I know the PS3 fanboys are JUST like that....Every day, in every article. So you are right.

@ duplissi So what you are basically saying is "He started it first"?
Is that not a 5-year-old mentality? If you hated them doing it so much, and it was SO STUPID, Why would you want to act the same way?
Pretty weak argument man, and just shows that not all PS3 owners are the "Mature Adults" people on THIS site always say they are.

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R6ex3221d ago

Dragon Age's CGI trailer was equally impressive, BUT the in-game graphics SUCK like hell in comparison.

Hope ME2 doesn't take the same route ...

dtrain213221d ago

That was a sick ass full trailer I must say !

Kal11383221d ago

Uh...Have you not seen/played Mass Effect before? Have you not seen the many gameplay videos from Mass Effect 2?

We already know how the game looks and it's awesome.

GiantEnemyCrab3221d ago

I have to agree the CGI is very deceiving.. You can tell a developer is not totally confident in their engine when they have to use a bunch of CGI cinematics to sell the game.

Bioware have been guilty on one or more occasion of this. I can tell you right now that none of the action and intensity in this trailer will be playable like that in the game. However, the story and characters are engrossing and that's what makes ME a buy for me.

7thNightvolley3221d ago

i wouldnt say they are not confident in the engine coz they are using it again and its been SUPERheavily modified (ue3) for the game and i bet it will be the best unreal game we have ever since to date. and we have seen quite abit of the gameplay already and it looks beautiful i must say so even if a CGI was used i would let them slide beside its bioware.. their games are always fun i never needed dragon age to be graphically awesome so when i saw it i wasnt bothered this one i wasnt asking for it either but from where i stand it looks pretty. and the gameplay ... sweeeeet. all bonus...

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ThatCanadianGuy3221d ago

Based on that trailer alone, i'll have to pass on this multiplat game.

Too many good PS3 exclusives to buy.

LuHawk223221d ago

LoL Canadian chump your B!tch ass was never going to buy the game cause your a sony d!ck sucker

ThatCanadianGuy3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Ahh, luhawk, my demented friend, i own the first one on my 360.Glitches, long loading times and generic graphics aside it was a fun game.

Shame there's just way to many PS3 EXCLUSIVES to bother with these generic multiplat games.

3221d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3221d ago

I gotta disgree with you on that.. ME2 has me more excited than any PS3 exclusive next year.

ThatCanadianGuy3221d ago

Well, what can i say.I counter disagree your disagree with my semi-sarcastic "Congrats"

jimbone3220d ago

You know what you didn't disagree with.....Being a "sony d!ck sucker". LOL... but it's not like you could deny it.

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Doc Sony3221d ago

Bought a 360 just for this.

GameOn3221d ago

Not going for the "superior" version?

7thNightvolley3221d ago

u should have bought a pc.. cost like 900 dollar extra but its superior :D

kewlkat0073221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

to not put money in MS's pockets, like most PS3 gamers.

Antar203221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

You can watch it on youtube.

mistajeff3221d ago

Sweet, i was just gonna ask if anyone has this online cuz I can't get on live. Though I admit I was half-expecting the rick roll'd video to come up when I hit the link. Always gotta be on your guard...

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