FFXIV features roBUST Character Creator

"Square Enix's upcoming MMO Final Fantasy XIV features a character editor that can be described as robust - with emphasis on bust."

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Myst3314d ago

I still just want to see how much creativity they are offering this time around versus what was given in XI. I want to at least play around with it rather than just read about it :(

evrfighter3314d ago

well Mithras/Manthras were a major hit.

would have been stupid NOT to put this in

Reibooi3314d ago

It SOUNDS like it's much better then XI's clone mania character creation. But it still remains to be see how many options on each part of the body you will have. If it's just a few for each it's kinda pointless as we will once again see a million and a half clones.

HardcoreGamer3314d ago

nothin bust about this , pretty lame if you ask me, still think soul calibur 4 character creator is one of the best there is a console game

iamtehpwn3314d ago

with this here vidya game.

I'm currently playing through JPN-PS3 FFXIII

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crxss3314d ago

Thanks there Miiikkkeee...

Digitaldude3314d ago

Lol title FTW!
Japs love boobies.

Fishy Fingers3314d ago

Men love boobies. Most men anyway. Generally, I prefer mine not made of pixels though. Generally...

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The story is too old to be commented.