Nomura: FF Versus 13 "No Difference between CGI and Realtime Graphics"

Tetsuya Nomura, the man behind the PS3 exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, hypes up his creation, and confirms development of a secret title.

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Optical_Matrix3220d ago

Was part of a thread about this exact same article on Gametrailers Forums and it got out of hand quickly http://forums.gametrailers....

What Nomura is saying here is pure PR jargon to increase hype for the game. CGI level graphics are not possible at this point in game development. Not even on PC's as seen with Crysis.
What he probably means is that the pre-rendered cutscene we saw in the most recently trailer is pretty much what the game will look like in real time. Which, imho is amazing.

Noctis Aftermath3220d ago

"The in game graphics have been upgraded, so much so that there is no real difference between the CGI (prerendered video) and the graphics in game"....
so what does that say about people who were/are saying "FF13 Not downgraded for the 360"?

hay3220d ago

I've dewed the dike imagining how awesome Versus will be. I believe in Nomura, he won't dumb this game down like it was with FFXIII.

Bereaver3220d ago

I hate to say it but....

Those of you opposing might be falling short later.

I'm not going to stand up and say it's true, but I'm not going to deny it either.

As for gameplay looking as good as CGI.... In my opinion it determines the quality and the style of CGI you're making.

But in all honestly, I hope you get burnt JUST LIKE KILLZONE!

"It's not real! It's CGI! They can't make a game that good looking!"

I seen it once, and I hope I'll see it again!

Optical_Matrix3220d ago

The difference here is that Killzone 2 2005 trailer was pre-rendered visuals. Not CGI. There is a difference. I am not denying Versus XIII will look as good as the Pre-rendered scene where he talks with Stella because IT IS NOT CGI. Where as, claiming that it will look as good and perfect as say, the E3 06 trailer which was PURE CGI, just like Toy Story, Shrek, Finding Nemo...that's IMPOSSIBLE for videogames. Game Development just isn't there yet. Anyone with sense knows this

alphakennybody3220d ago

"CGI level graphics are not possible at this point in game development. Not even on PC's as seen with Crysis."
well it'll be soon possible check out this link

Cyrax_873220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Looks badass so far, I hope it's gets released late 2010, even though that'll mean 3 FFs were released in the same year lol.

edit: I don't want them to rush it at all, I'm just excited to play that's all.

Noctis Aftermath3220d ago

A 2010 release(even in japan) would not be good imo, 2nd quarter 2011 would be better.

I want the game asap, but i also don't want it to be rushed and lack content, i want versus to be a complete FF and not something like X-2.

gaffyh3220d ago

@optical - You'll notice yourself getting a lot of disagrees for that statement, because the Killzone 2 2005 E3 trailer WAS CGI target render! It was not a prerendered cutscene with post production effects like Insomniac do on their trailers.

And in the end, KZ2 actually looks better than the CGI that they showed, so it is possible for a game to have CGI-like graphics, because KZ2 and Uncharted 2 already proved it's possible.

BYE3220d ago

If the game is linear like FFXIII I'm still not interested.

raztad3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


I'm glad you mentioned it. I havent played FFXII but I read game is quite open and there are a lot of sidequests at any moment. Fast Forward to the present, early reports/import reviews said FFXIII is linear as hell the first half of the game and suddenly "open up". Why FFXII on a far weaker system as the PS2 is much more open than FFXIII, then it happens to have more freedom from the second half onwards? I think I have an answer but I'll let you guess.

I would like VS to remain exclusive and see what Nomura can do with the huge storage space in Blu-Ray discs.

Consoldtobots3220d ago

"CGI level graphics are not possible at this point in game development."

and this.... ladies and gents is why the competition gets owned by Sony EVERYTIME, where they say "impossible" Sony says "sure why not".

Ravage273220d ago

PS3 gamers have high expectations when it comes to graphics, not to mention it is an exclusive after all. Do us proud Nomura

Godmars2903220d ago

We'll find out when actual gameplay's shown weather or not this is another FFVIII comment.

doG_beLIEfs3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Hey Optical, CGI stands for computer generated image. So technically CGI can look like Wii graphics or Walle. So how can u say that Nomura is wrong? After seeing what the PS3 is starting to show, I tend to believe him over some random poster on N4G. Time and time again, people have said the PS3 can't make a game look that good yet time and time again they are eating crow.

When the this game is really unveiled, you among others will be eating more crow. Keep it up and you will look like Gabe Newell.


Perhaps you should clarify what you are saying. This game will not achieve Avatar CGI level graphics but could very well obtain Toy Story level CGI.


Optical_Matrix3220d ago

Don't try and spin this and make it seem I'm trying to put the PS3 down. But the movie cutscene visuals in Versus cannot be replicated on any console or PC for that matter. Not in real time.
The graphics Nomura is talking about is the ones we saw when Noctis speaks to Stella at the party. That is the CGI nomura speaks of. The fluidity of the FMV's is impossible in real time, especially in an RPG of 50+ which is meant to take advantage of the cells ability of having lots going on on screen. All I know is, Versus will probably be the first RPG to have graphics on par with Uncharted 2. Not freakin' movie cutscenes which have 0 flat textures and 1million x anti aliasing.

kalebgray923220d ago

man been waiting since 05 cant wait for e3... hopefully there is a trailer on the american ffxiii or a demo but i highly doubt that

gaffyh3220d ago

Now I see where you were going, of course it won't look as good as movie CG, it's going to look as good as game CG. And game CG can be vary in quality, there may still be aliasing issues, but as long as it looks close to the CG, I'm not bothered.

DaTruth3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Crysis went for realism in an open-world game with immense physics and destruction down to nuclear explosions. Final Fantasy CGI will be going for the Japanimation look, with far less physics and destruction; The gameplay will not have half the task Crysis took on!

Also most Japan CGI movies don't have the texture detailing Crysis has, where a closeup on a leaf is comparable to a closeup on a real leaf! Have you seen how bad some of The Matrix Reloaded CGI looks in slow motion!

He could be talking about Cars CGI! There are many levels of CGI!

Saaking3220d ago

Of course. After all, it is a PS3 exclusive.

shadow27973220d ago

Well if we can take anything away from this, it's that Versus is still very much alive. If I'm ever going to play a new Final Fantasy, this is it. I hate turn-based systems and I like dark games. Perfect.

bpac1234567893220d ago

If you compare the final fantasy graphics now to the cgi trailers they realeased earlier than mabye they can match that. But when u try to say it can match cgi on the level of, let's say, the movie "avatar" than your seriously dillusional. It's not only not going to happen it's impossible, we probably won't see graphics like that on a console or pc for another decade at least.

sikbeta3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Didn't Nomura said that FFvs13 will be better?

So is going to be better than FF13 and by that we all PS3 owners say FFvs13 will be The Real FF game to raise the Bar like always

creatchee3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

CGI rendering is most likely unattainable not because of hardware constraints but because of the variable of human interaction. Cutscenes are a controlled environment (unless you're talking interactive ones, which I'm ignoring for the purpose of this discussion). Therefore, the developers control the lighting, the shading, the positioning, the effects etc.

When you put a player behind the controller, everything changes because you no longer have the perfect angle to show what you want, the perfect placement of effects in relation to the camera, and the exact action that you want to see done at the right moment.

Either way, Versus looks pretty darned good. Better graphics are always welcome on my TV :)

gaffyh3220d ago

I just want to ask those that say FF13 hasn't been dumbed down, if Versus comes out and looks significantly better, will you admit that the Xbox 360 limited the game?

^Serious question, not a fanboy question. I'm sure many people still argue that, I think it has been dumbed down (to a certain extent), though that doesn't necessarily make it a bad game. Just that it could have been a better game if it was exclusive to one platform.

zeeshan3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Exclusive my a$$, it's only exclusive until M$ sends a big fat check to SE. I for one am not going to hold my breath for this game until it's 100% sure that it won't be downgraded to fit DVD9.

As for this whole CGI issue. Anyone remembers that "MORTAL KOMBAT: The Journey Begins" animated movie? That was CGI back in the day which is like a piece of cake nowadays.

The Lazy One3220d ago

1. It probably won't anyway because one is an exclusive and most exclusives will be more optimized than 90% of the non-exclusives.

2. It depends on a lot of things. FFXIII we know is supposed to be 50 hours long for the main storyline. A 50 hour long less visually impressive game is at least as gameplay impressive as an 8 hour long better looking game.

@whoever above was talking about linear gameplay

FFVII (one of the best in the FF series) was pretty linear for the majority of the first disk too. As long as it opens up eventually it won't be that tragic to play it linearly for a while.

ThanatosDMC3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Looks CGI to me. Anyway, i'll be stunned if it's not CGI but then again wasnt there a small video of the main character all dressed up in a tuxedo and the girl he met was wearing white and they talked? That was in game. I cant find the video on youtube at the moment.

The beginning is CGI the conversation with the chick wearing white is in game:

Big difference, dont you think?

gaffyh3220d ago

@1.27 - True, though I expect Versus to have as much gameplay as XIII hopefully, but I see what you mean. I'm also not bothered about FF13 being linear, most RPGs are quite linear in the beginning because you need to get a feel for the story and characters in that time.

ABizzel13220d ago

Well show us what it looks like then.

meepmoopmeep3220d ago

if it looks anything like the in-game cutscene that was on the AC:C demo of FFXIII

Darrius Cole3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Tellus dormit
et liberi in diem faciunt
numquam extinguunt
ne expergisci possint

Omnia dividit
tragoedia coram
amandum quae

Et nocte perpetua
ehem vel vera visione
par oram videbo te
mane tempu expergiscendi

I interpret this article to mean that VersusXIII gameplay already looks like this....

....which is well within a PS3's power.

Now I must pray to God that Microsoft doesn't see the awesomness that is coming to PS3 and pay untold amounts of cash to nerf the game by buying it for the 360.

cyberwaffles3220d ago

so wait a minute, if versus is going to look like CGI, why didn't FXIII look like it?

TotalPS3Fanboy3220d ago

PS3 exclusives shows their true power!

raztad3220d ago


I think you totally missed my point but somehow managed to make my point stronger. I wasnt saying FFXIII is a bad game (the guy I was replaying suggested it though). I just commented that the strict linearity and then a freer roaming later in the game is a strategy to go around the limitations imposed by disc storage.

As you said something similar happened with FFVII and it makes sense. Devels dont want you to be swapping disc continually.

Marceles3220d ago


I heard the same thing about how linear it is. So far it's been linear but I'm nowhere near at the end of the game, it's still really fun to level up though and leveling up the characters brings back memories of FFX. I'm still waiting on the opened up part, so far it's like a linear FF6 where your party is always split up and then meets up later, the summons are awesome too.

DatNJDom813219d ago

-"The in game graphics have been upgraded, so much so that there is no real difference between the CGI (prerendered video) and the graphics in game."

Ah so FFXIII was downgraded...... tsk tsk.

-"This is a dark Final Fantasy as everyone expected (FF7/8 fans rejoice)."

Thats what I'm talking about. A dark mature story. This is why I'm getting FFXIII Versus instead of FFXIII. Being that they are not even connected in story means I wont be missing out on anything.

Shepherd 2143219d ago

you people are really dense enough to think that teh PS3 can actual output CGI level graphics, something that no high-end PC's cant even do?

morganfell3219d ago

The only people trying to spin this are very worried 360 fans. Notice how busy optical has been in this thread? His actions are commonly referred to as Damage Control. Too bad because it won't help his sinking ship.

7thNightvolley3219d ago

halo reach vid is ingame ... NO NO NO IMPOSSIBLE!!!

FF VS.. is in game .. OH YES YES .... EQUALS CGI?.. oh hell yes yes...

i have seen it all on N4G. loool

7thNightvolley3219d ago

one reason i would say in terms of graphical tech.. i dont think the japs .. are even close to the west.. so for this game to be CGI=INGAME.. bullcrap!.. if they prove me wrong heck.. ps3 is stronger than the highest end PC.. PC gamers sell ur stuff coz its a big junk of crap if a console can out >crysis level stuff.

pixelsword3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

["The in game graphics have been upgraded, so much so that there is no real difference between the CGI (prerendered video) and the graphics in game"....
so what does that say about people who were/are saying "FF13 Not downgraded for the 360"?]

Firstly, it will show that the White Engine wasn't a multiplatform engine after all, and to be honest, it would say a lot; I myself thought FFXIII "could have" been downgraded, but at the same time, I had no proof. If FF Vs. XIII blows XIII out of the water, there will be nothing left to say. Nothing. It will be to me the final nail in the coffin about the downgrading. Every PS3 game that goes multiplat will be garbage to me (like Quantum, or WarDevil if the rumors stand true).

This is what PS3 owners instinctively thought all along; and is why exclusives get a little more respect in terms of sales... and will increase sales for exclusives when verified.

Can you imagine what Red Faction could have been like if it was exclusive?

How about what Agent will look like versus GTA IV?

@ 7thNightvolley;

The emphasis wasn't that if it was CG or not, the emphasis was that it wasn't the best looking on fine details like the lady's face, for example. I thought the vid looked good, but right now we're looking at trade-offs as well in terms of quality versus game/level size, length of play and things like that.

gaffyh3219d ago

@7thNightVolley - I don't remember anyone saying that the Halo Reach trailer looked too good to be in engine. I actually thought it looked kinda crap, better than ODST, but still not good enough.

People who complained mentioned that it had an unusually high amount of anti-aliasing, which the Digital Foundry guys found, so they said it must have been pre-rendered in-engine footage, with post production effects to smooth out any jagged edges. A lot of companies do this in cutscenes e.g. Insomniac, it's still in-engine, but the post production effects are added on top of the video.

Pozzle3219d ago

But will the story and battle systems be any good?

The game might look pretty, but I'm not playing it for the graphics. It's plot and gameplay I'm more interested in.

3219d ago
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GrandDragon3220d ago

Anyone who remembers that old tech demo of FF7 running on the PS3 in real-time with CGI quality graphics knows that this guy ain't chatting a load of BS. That tech demo looks like FF13's CGI cut-scenes so I can only imagine how far they've come working exclusively with the PS3's hardware.

Optical_Matrix he said the graphics have been upgraded from the last time we saw anything of FFvs13 which means no one knows what it looks like right now.

I know you're trying to damage control.

Optical_Matrix3220d ago

I'm not trying to damage control at all. If you look at my post history I'm a huge PS3 fanboy and a big fan of Final Fantasy. But I'm being realistic. The game will look amazing. But if Crysis cannot look as good as CGI then what makes you think a PS3 Exclusive will?
I reckon what he means is the game will look as good as or better than the last trailer we saw with Noctis and Stella at the party. Those visuals looks absolutely stunning for real time, and if they've been upgraded, i can't wait to see them

mfwahwah3220d ago

Why are you comparing "CGI level graphics" to Crysis? Crysis aimed to be realistic. CGI =/= realism any way you want to spin it.

nefertis3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Some gamers are forgetting about blu-ray with 50gigs its possible the gameplay can look like CGI because of blu-ray and the cell processor nothing has to be compress like video and audio, unlike dvd9s everything will be compress.Kz2 and uncharted 2 shock alot of people and to this day nothing comes close to these two on a consoles. I know i will be flame for this but brink hasnt shown me full gameplay yet and I haven't played cyrsis yet on the console so no argument there. Play3beyond

pixelsword3219d ago

but Optical_Matrix, you're forgetting how Killzone 2 exceeded it's trailer (I'm not bringing out the pics again) so it's been done ALREADY. This will make FFXIII a living joke if versus expands on XIII in every way.

I'll be watching for sure, and I'm almost willing to say anyone who values the quality of their games will be, too.

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aaron58293220d ago

It's good to hear... I've said it before... i played the demo of FF13 when i imported the FF7AC bluray..i was so disappointed with the graphics.. the gameplay.. the everything..

Hopefully FFV13 is what FF13 supposed to be.

chidori6663220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

comfirmed: ffversus>>>>ff13 gimped.

game not have the gimped textures like ff13

prove: ( broken textures in the hand of girl)

ff versus:

in game>---> http://hardcoregaming.files...

cant wait for this amazing exclusive only on ps3 ;)

Assassin Creed3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

Bodyboarder_VGamer3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

- The in game graphics have been upgraded, so much so that there is no real difference between the CGI (prerendered video) and the graphics in game.

- This is a dark Final Fantasy as everyone expected (FFVII/VIII fans rejoice).

FFXIII is not only the girly version but its was downgraded too...

Udidntlistenpunk3220d ago

Secret [email protected]

Enough said. We play real games worthy of being called Next gen.

Bots play avatar racing or Microsoft Paint Natal

L-Teezy3220d ago

i see FF13 just giving the xboxers a taste of FF, then FFVersus13 comes along and drives them crazy....leading alot of them to jump ship.

3206d ago
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ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Only on Playstation 3.

Cry on bots, cry on.

happy_gilmore3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

1. FFv13 is a ps3 exclusive. there is no way the crapbox can handle graphics like that.
2. FF13 was gimped. it could have also been CGI quality graphics if it was a ps3 exclusive.

cry more bots!