Why it May Take a Long Time to Roll out 3D in the Home

The Blu-Ray association has been having a bitch of a time getting people to buy the players, even with them dropping down to around $100, which is a magic number; the players aren't hitting most "hot things for Christmas" lists yet. Now companies start talking about 3D and the reality that the existing ones may not support this technology and you wonder how much abuse a market will take. Recall that the first Blu-Ray players didn't have built in networking and had to be replaced, much of the second generation wouldn't support all of the BD-Live features and might need to be replaced, and the third generation is now being made obsolete by 3D. Sure makes the folks that bought PlayStation 3s for Blu-Ray look incredibly smart (this was the only player that hasn't been made obsolete once).

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miasma3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

that in a few of these articles lately, I read that these glasses needed for the 3D could be easily lost, sat on, or eaten by the dog. I find it hard to believe that someone who spent the money for all this technology would be that irresposible with the glasses. I mean, are these authors really thinking that the people buying these items are all mindless idiots?

More on topic, I love 3D in the movies, especially when it is done as well as it was in Avatar. But, I am still not impressed enough to wear the glasses in my home theatre. I don't think it looks dorky or anything in the privacy of your own home, but I am just not jazzed about it. I would be much more interested when the technology can be done without glasses. Plus I just bought a new 50" Pany plasma, had it calibrated and am enjoying the hell out of it. So no new TV for me in the next few years at least.

3D would have been better if they could have implemented it on TVs that are out now. Many people are just getting HDTVs now as it is.

anh_duong3222d ago

i think the blu-ray is dead articles are dead so now they have moved on to the 3D blu-ray is dead articles..

one word why 3D Tv is the future: porn .. lol

miasma3222d ago

Yeah, I agree with what you said about the blu-ray is dead articles.

As for the porn, well if thats the demographic that supports the technology then more power to them, but I am not in that demographic. My wife and I have a healthy enough sex life where I haven't been porn surfing in years ;)

hitthegspot3222d ago

How many kids do you have? Being a father of two boys, I know that they are going to break the glasses, and if they don't then their friends will. I can only hope that Best Buy or where ever I get them has a replacement plan.

If you don't have kids have you ever drank beer while watching a movie? Are you planning on hitting the lou with your cool new specs? Don't drop them, or sit on them when you return...

Raoh3221d ago

anh_duong hit it on the nail

sikbeta3221d ago

Well said miasma, now articles are "focused" on how the 3D-glasses can end up eaten by the Dog, Unbelievable XD

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miasma3222d ago

lol.. I hear what you are saying. I don't have kids of my own, I am sorry to say, however, my nieces, nephews and God children (ages ranging from 5 to 11) are over a few times a week to play games on the consoles and/or watch blu-rays on the theatre, so I am constantly nervous. Hell, i have come home and found them fighting over controllers or remotes or even iPods. But, because I care for my equipment I take the time to sit them all down and tell them how things work and the care they are required to take in order to be allowed to use those things. If I was to think something like glasses are an issue, when they are around then I put them away in a safe place away from the kids. Simple.

As for drinking beer with my friends, and having a wild night once in a while, hey crap happens things can get broken, but I still take an extra moment to think and try not to let that happen.

mjolliffe3221d ago

I've been saving for a while now and was hoping for 3D TV + Gaming within the next two years.

WOuld be nice.

sstrfgcv3221d ago

Avatar was a great movie but it is the only movie i am interested in seeing 3d, the rest is just kiddie pixar/dreamworks crap.

It would be great to see it at home on my ps3 but i'm not going to invest in a new 120hz lcd just for 1 movie.

Plus this author is full of [email protected], blu ray is not obsolete there are many older movies & 2d movies that needs to reach blu ray and is the reason a lot of people love there blu ray discs. this author sounds like one of those hddvd losers whining about the lack of blu ray live on earlier models.

sikbeta3221d ago

This is just the beginning, good movies will start to appear and this article is a failed attempt to downplay 3D, this author Fail BAD