ACII DLC was originally part of game

As Eurogamer writes, Assassin's Creed II's dad Patrice Desilets has confirmed that the Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities download packs due next year were originally meant to be in the main game.

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Solans Scott3226d ago

Ubisoft is going to resell me something that was initially in the game. That's just unbelievable, and the part that really annoys me is the fact that Desilets admitted that it was purposely removed from the game.

bacon133226d ago

I'm very annoyed by this as well. Don't get me wrong AC:2 was a fantastic game all around but having to shell out the additional money for something originally present in the game is bad form on their part. If each of these chapters are more than $5 bucks, I'll be disappointed.

himdeel3226d ago

...but this just makes me feel less enthusiastic about keeping the game to buy the rest of it. I prefer to not give them more money for the rest of the game I should've already gotten.

I'm just going to wait till my brother buys the DLC and borrow/DL them from his PSN. Guess I'm trading AC2 for credit somewhere :(

Saaking3226d ago

What a bunch of BS. The shipped game should be COMPLETE. DLC should just add to the experience instead of just being a cash int. Ubisoft, you disappoint me.

Pennywise3226d ago

Should we thank DVD9 now or later?

Digitaldude3226d ago

This is EXACTLY why i hate DLC.
I really wouldn't mind if it was genuine content which was over and above the normal game but devs like ubisoft are taking advantage, Shame.

Hellsvacancy3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I noticed ages ago whilst playin it that theres a whole part of the city (Venice or Florence) thats completely shut off, u de-synchronize if u go past it, thats even when u finish the game 2 100%

I shall buy it but im not happy about it

Eamon3226d ago

Of course they were planning on releasing this as DLC from the start.

Same with Prince of Persia Epilogue.

But I'm still getting the DLC because I just love the AC series so much.

Johnny Jiron3226d ago

doing this outright and acting as if its nothing...
Their Ghost Recon series has recieved so many packs of dlc for cheap or free and have actually been additions to the game...tho I started to notice a few extra $ for a few things here and there. Looks like they couldnt resist the easy cash any longer.

Baka-akaB3226d ago

dont blame dvd-9 , space or not they'll always cut content as well from blu ray games , them running out of space is just a convenient excuse.

After all if at the end you realise it wont fit on the disc , why sell it and not give it for free ? You , as a dev , claim it's a space thing , the game is already paid for , just give it free .

Of course , they have some so called extra cost so they could give you something they are already done with , and you paid full already ... yeah right

Elven63226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Pennywise: Ubisoft knows this is one of the biggest releases of the year, as such the DLC probably wasn't even finished so they decided to do this instead of delay the game. Make more money or less, what a toss up!

Edit: The game from day 1 had two unaccessible memory areas, hence it was most likely removed because they wanted to repackage it or it wasn't ready and they didn't want to delay the game.

DeathMetal3226d ago

for this business practice, namely the xbox360. They are the only people stupid enough to pay for this crap.

Prototype3226d ago

I "almost" bought this game...

Now I'll wait for White Knight Chronicles

DatNJDom813226d ago

so basically where gonna get a key code for memory block 12 and 13? nah no thanks keep it. i guess capcom is rubbing off ubisoft. wat a shame.

remember when we had to buy the character costumes in street fighter 4? I see the same thing happening with super street fighter 4. Man I miss the old days, you know when u buy a COMPLETED game.

solar3226d ago

thank you console gaming for paid DLC! <3



Cold 20003225d ago

Games like Mass Effect had DLC though there was still space on the DVD.

Its crazy how obssesed $ony fanboys are with the 360.

Saaking3225d ago

We're not "obsesses" with the 360, but we don't like the fact that it's literally holding back the entire generation. Just look at UC2, KZ2, GOWIII, Heavy Rain and you'll see what ALL games could be like right now. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait till next gen for multiplats to look as good as PS3 exclusives.

SilentNegotiator3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

When games were shipped with full-content and fully tested.
Then the Xbox Brand was born...

"Its crazy how obssesed $ony fanboys are with the 360"
It's crazy how obsessed Xbox Fanboys are with what other fanboys think.
And like Saaking said, we "Sony fanboys" aren't happy with the way the Xbox has set bad precedents and held back games.

Cold 20003225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Oh please dont bring up that bullsh*t. PS2 didnt hold back anything last gen and it was BY FAR the weakest console.

Games like Infamous, LBP, Resistance etc are PS3 exclusives and graphically arent groundbreaking (though they do look good). Thats weird, 360 isnt holding them back. And what about WKC or Demons souls, whats holding them back from looking like UC2 ? Let me guess the 360 right ?

Games like Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Fable 3 etc are all going to be as enjoyable if not even more enjoyable than the games you mentioned so stop all that "360 holding back" nonsense.

And look at Lost Planet 2 for instance, it looks better than a number of PS3 exclusives and it is MULTIPLAT. Moreover multiplats have kept on improving graphically since the beginning of this gen, look at the improvement Assassins Creed 2 is, Lost Planet 2, Residant Evil 5. You see games keep on looking better and better. That wouldnt be possible if the 360 was holding "the entire gen back".

hay3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Wow, this is rip off. Cutting the game to sell it for additional bucks? Ridiculous.
Now they're BS'ing us there was no space, next they'll make AC2: Ultimate Edition with DLC included. I say, bullsh*t.
Now I'm going to sell both first and second game.

Eamon3225d ago

Saaking, to be fair, the xbox 360 came out first. Not after.

So, it's not really it's fault.

Oner3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Yup Eamon, you're came out first with last gen technology to beat Sony to market, but what it really ended up doing was screwing all of us as gamers.

And before certain types of "gamers" start flinging insults/assumpitons let me say this very clearly ~ I have a RIGHT as a consumer to speak my mind about a product of which I OWN THAT HAS FAILED ON ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN to the tune of 5 RROD's. "F" Microsoft I say, they get no free pass from me.

With that said PlayStation users/gamers have come to EXPECT next gen or newer tech in their console. EVERY SINGLE PLAYSTATION PRODUCT HAS PROVIDED THIS. Something other makers don't provide or even DARE offering to their costumers. Sorry if some of us like to get our money worth out of something we work hard for. I know I sure as hell don't like to waste money especially in this economy!

But what really pisses me off is that I don't settle for mediocrity in any other aspect of my life, so why should I in a product I buy? So why the hell do I have a 360 you ask? Honestly? I don't know...because the ONLY title in all the years I have had it that I am looking forward to is SC Conviction. Granted that is my personal opinion and does not in anyway mean the 360 does not have games...but it just bothers me that I can get 99% of them on my PC which actually WORKS as intended without the hassle or worry of catching a RROD.

But on the topic I have to add this ~ while I won't say/agree to put the blame solely on the 360 because there is no actual proof of this (though we all have our suspicions) it really doesn't matter because it should be free if it was "supposed" to be in the retail game. Ubisoft is ultimately to blame, that is the bottom line.

Eh, whatever...I ain't buyin' AC2 the same as I did for AC1 (rented both) so "F" Ubisoft anyway. Lastly please excuse my rant if it "offends" you. It's my actual experience. If you don't like it..oh well - deal with it ;)

badz1493225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I'm not going to say anything about any console holding back the generation as I play games the way they are but the PS2 didn't hold-up the last generation despite being the weakest among the 3 consoles. it had the fair share of graphic pinnacles with MGS3, GT4, GoW2 etc, they were up there with the like of Riddick, Halo2 for XBOX and Zelda, RE Series for GC!

on topic;

this is a very BAD trend in today's gaming industry and here's hoping for it to STOP immediately!

randomwiz3225d ago

most of the stuff that is made as DLC is already developed before the game releases. I can bet good money that MW2 map packs are already made.

NewZealander3225d ago

ubi are one of my favorite devs, but i dont like what they are doing with AC2, even the uplay system seems useless considering its just a way to unlock content thats on the disc in the first place, great games ubi but charging for content that should have been on the disc? not a wise move, the fans will hate it!

Minimox163225d ago

PS2 don't hold back the last generation because the multiplatform developers don't care, i see splinter cell, need for speed, etc. on PS2 and compare to the Xbox, the xbox version look way better!! and almost all platforms was like that, but this generation, no!! "we can't do that to Xbox 360, we had to be equal"
that's BS!!

On topic

Well look like all that matters now its $$, still AC2 its a great game!!

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Roper3163226d ago

I was gonna pick up these packs but now UBI can keep them and put them where the sun don't shine for all I care. And from now on every UBI game will be a bargain bin buy from here on out.

himdeel3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

...because I borrowed AC1 and enjoyed it considerably, after all it was free. I bought AC2 new got all the trophies and the story just got more convoluted and I was left thinking WTF. I think I'm going to just rent the next one :(

The graphics wont change much although they were nice, and while I enjoyed 2 MUCH more than 1 I'd kind of feel like it was more of the same :( Desmond is going to be an assassin in another time using the animus someplace else and get another piece of the puzzle. I feel badly saying it, but I'm not interested in another AC game now :( even though I enjoy the game.

My feelings could TOTALLY change and I can be swept up in the hype like anybody else but for now I think I'm done with Desmond. I'd rather play as Altair in his time living his life as an Assassin.

jerethdagryphon3226d ago

it was obviouse how they were meant to fit in but i also belive they were extrotounous to the main plot

hence it wasnt to bad to remove it
yes another 10 is costly for stuff it should be there but time constraints and such

ian723226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

It is sad when games are cut short and the cut part is sold as DLC. If it was originally in the game then it should be free DLC. Especially when its part of the story to begin with.
UBISOFT has dissappointed me with this. BAD UBISOFT.

ASSASSYN 36o3226d ago

I could care less. I wasn't going to buy them anyways. Mass Effect 2 comes out next month. That is worth buying DLC for not AC II.

DatNJDom813226d ago

so you wont buy DL content for one game, complain about it, then buy it for another game?? *clapping*

ASSASSYN 36o3225d ago

Reading with comprehension. Some people fail to use both.

BigKev453226d ago

It's the sign of the times, Ubisoft trying to milk in some of that DLC cash.