Handheld RPG scans 12/22

Last Ranker (PSP), Dragon Quest VI (DS), Fate/Extra (PSP), Atelier Lina (DS), and Queen's Blade (PSP -- postcard shot only).

Redempteur4909d ago

And sadly most atelier Ds game stay in japan ( we got one recently but how many stayed in japan ??? )

rockleex4909d ago

Be putting a lot of work and effort into Last Ranker for the PSP, as if it was a Breath of Fire game or something.

I also like the graphics and art direction.

knifefight4909d ago

Oh man, don't open my wounded heart with Breath of Fire teasings. Why oh why does the series seem to be dead? :(

4908d ago
fatstarr4908d ago

thats some great quality. to think how far technology has come,
it blows my mind that camera is hd