The 12 Days of Gearsmas

For the holidays this year, Epic Games is treating us in a good way, they are greeting us with something new on Gears of War 2 every day for 12 days! This includes Infinite Ammo Hammer of Dawns to everyone having a chainsaw.

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3225d ago
Frostbyte3225d ago

Cool maybe ill hop on later to see what its all about

Johnny Rotten3225d ago

so what day do I get the extra testosterone and steroid boost?

mrv3213225d ago

You've played gears right? Why would they need a boost.

They are litrally wearing a car.

HammockGames3225d ago

@ mrv

Well played - got a good chuckle out of that one.

Abstract3603225d ago

I would assume the 12th day is when you get the steroid boost.

sukru3225d ago

I just traded my copy of Gears 2 yesterday!

Very bad timing on my side :(

Silly gameAr3225d ago

I love how Epic always adds cool events to Gears on holidays.

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