PSN Store Update 22/12/09

It's the Christmas update for the PlayStation Network and there are lots of festive special offers.

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TheDudeAbides3320d ago

3 on 3 NHL Arcade (was – £6.29/€3.19 now – £3.19/€3.99)

Xbox Avatars Shoe3320d ago

About damn time they release Premium Avatars!

BTW are there any pictures of the avatars? I can't tell since I'm using my phone and if I have web pictures enabled, web pages load REALLY slow.

cranium3320d ago

I'm so getting the LBP level kit! Can't wait to get back into that game again!

Somnipotent3320d ago

i'm with you dood... getting both the potc kit and costume pack.

Somnipotent3320d ago

i thought PSN updates happend on thursdays? is this because of christmas?

ThanatosDMC3320d ago

I'll be getting that whenever it comes out. I'll finally finish it and also try to understand the card game it had. They look so childish though... that's my only turn off.

Revvin3319d ago

Warhawk for £7.99 is a bargain as is GT5P for £14.99