Dennis 'zDD' Dozier on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – The PS3 Attitude CelebReview

From PS3 Attitude: "Welcome to the latest in our exclusive CelebReview series.

Instead of being written by the awesome volunteers that help run PS3 Attitude, these reviews and stories have been created by various well-known public figures, world-renowned gamers and media personalities.

Today, the world's #1 ranked PS3 CoD4 Pro Gamer, Dennis 'zDD' Dozier, gives us a two part review of both Modern Warfare 2 and the new SplitFish FragFX Pro controller.

But we're going to spoil you, dear reader. It is nearly Christmas, after all..."

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Solans Scott3317d ago

A K/D ratio of 5.0! Now that's impressive. I could barely get mine to 0.5.

DolphGB3317d ago

You bet - I've seen zDD playing in person and he's a machine... truly awesome.