Gamervision Preview: Silent Hunter 5

Gamervision writes: "If you were to ask me for my thoughts on Silent Hunter V, I'd sum it up by talking about cutting boards and sinks.

There has been a dramatic shift within the gaming industry. In the past, there was a market for incredibly specific games, focused on a small, niche market. Due to rising development costs, this is no longer the case. Instead, developers need to cast a larger net, hoping to pull in anyone even remotely interested in their work without isolating newcomers with mechanics that might require a steep learning curve. It's not a struggle for the FPS developers; they've been accessible to the general public since Wolfenstein 3D. It's not a problem for racing developers either; just about everyone knows the basics when it comes to driving a car. For Ubisoft Romania, developer of the Silent Hunter series, it is a problem. Luckily, they have a plan to open it up to more people without dumbing down the gameplay that has made the series popular for well over a decade."

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