PSN Premium Option Details

TheSixthAxis presents the descriptions of the features that are offered in the four options for premium PSN services as appeared in the recent IPSOS survey.

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RememberThe3573221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Being that I'm mainly a PlayStation gamer, I'd consider it. I've never been too against paying for features, it was just paying for online play that annoyed me (if it comes with the game, I should be able to use it without pay more).

They're talking about adding and a gambling flavor with the tokens, access to other medias that Sony owns, free access to PSN content, cloud storage... It goes on forever!

They have some lofty dreams, I wonder how much they'll deliver when it actually launches.

taco_tom2373221d ago

omg if this is true im definitely getting the premium service.

FamilyGuy3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Does this not trump "Live"? It looks like a big step above if you ask me. I wonder why there's no full game digital rental service available currently?

Limited_Vertigo3221d ago

This article has me excited. I was wondering what Sony might consider "premium" and I'm very pleased with the features they've shown thus far.

Disccordia3221d ago

It seems that none of the options they are providing offer everything? Option 1 looks the best but you don't get token wagering or the free access to PSone/PSPminis.. in fact, looking at that table, you can't even get two options that provide everything.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3221d ago

The "Token Wagering" is an awesome idea, and if done right, could change gaming in a big way.

I can only imagine how popular it would be with racing games.

JoySticksFTW3221d ago

# Token Wagering
Get a fixed number of tokens per month you can wager with other players in competitive online games. These tokens could then be built up and redeemed for free PlayStation Network games and other content.

# Free Access to PSOne Classics, PSP Minis, and PS3/PSP Themes
Get a fixed number of PSOne Classic games, PSP Minis (bite-sized games), and PS3/PSP themes per month to keep for free for as long as you are a subscriber. The PlayStation Store offers these types of content for $2-6 each.

# Discounts on Store Content
Get weekly member-exclusive discounts on specific games, game add-ons and themes on the PlayStation Store. Discounts may range from 20-50% off regular retail prices.

# Cloud Storage Space for Games
Store your game saves on a virtual secure saver. This would allow you to access your game saves at any point in time, and from any PlayStation 3 or PSP console you are logged in on.

But I don't know about this one though...

# Member Only In-game Content
Get exclusive member-only in-game content for your PS3 or PSP such as new game play options, unlocked in-game weapons or player slots, exclusive levels, costumes/skins, and PlayStation Home spaces.

I hate buying a game and feeling like I'm not getting the full experience, especially when it's already on my game disk and just needs to be "unlocked" to access

Cross game chat is in there also for those of you waiting for it.

Other great stuff is in there too

presto7173221d ago

I thought I would stay free, but damn that a ridiculously long list of features. Warranty, tokens, free psone, x-chat, etc etc.

Sign me up!! SIGN ME UP!!!!!

silverbeld3221d ago

This disturbs me!!

"Cross-game Voice Chat Access
Get exclusive member-only access to cross-game voice chat. This is the ability to use your headset to voice chat with friends on your PS3 regardless of what they are doing on the PS3."

And you have to pay for it!! Why!!!!! It should be for free too.

silverbeld3221d ago


Now if they charged for it premium service that make them same as M$. So if they do this then why we PS3 owners stay loyal to Sony. Paying for Live is better option they are longer in this online pay business and got more expertise.

krisq3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

But they should bring cross game chat for free too all gamers. Community was/ is very vocal about lack of it. That would be pretty unfair if they'd charge for it.

Rhythmattic3221d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


Im with ya bro...

Cross games Texting Sux.

All I want is cross game chat, (its so much easier to set up a co-op experience with my mate across multiple games in 1 sitting) and it seems I can for a price.

$29.99 US (probably $50 Australian here even though $1 us = 88 cents Oz)

F'ing Pricks.

Guido3220d ago

Gaming online is still free and if that is all you want, like me, then you pay nothing. But I do have to admit, these features are quite appealing.

Pennywise3220d ago

Gaming online remains free. That is all that matters.

I would like the cloud storage and the store discounts will pay for this by itself if you purchase enough PSN games throughout the year.

X-game chat should be standard and free just to smack live in the face, but I see why they would want it under subscription... its a good incentive.

solidt123220d ago

These are some good features, some should be free but most are worth paying for. Token Wagering sounds good, if I wip your @ss in call of duty I can win your tokens to buy stuff on the store.

sikbeta3220d ago

Token Wagering is such a Great Idea, this options are Awesome

Xbox Avatars Shoe3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Seriously, most that list is a load of BS. Sony would lose an ENORMOUS amount of money even if the service included a few of those features. There's no way in hell it would only cost $69.99 for the plans that supposed survey listed. Where's the hardcore proof that the survey is even real? ANyone could easily type that up and claim it to be true just to get traffic.

These are the BS features that stand out to me most:

"Full Title Trial – 1st Hour Is Free
Download full versions of select Blu-ray and PSN game titles and have the chance to play the entire game (single or multiplayer) for free for the first hour. After that time you will have the option of purchasing the game to continue playing."

^ No way in hell that's true.

"Token Wagering
Get a fixed number of tokens per month you can wager with other players in competitive online games. These tokens could then be built up and redeemed for free PlayStation Network games and other content."

^ First off, that's like gambling. Second, Sony isn't going to give away games and other content for free just because you beat another player.

"Free Access to PSOne Classics, PSP Minis, and PS3/PSP Themes
Get a fixed number of PSOne Classic games, PSP Minis (bite-sized games), and PS3/PSP themes per month to keep for free for as long as you are a subscriber. The PlayStation Store offers these types of content for $2-6 each."

^ Again, Sony isn't going to give away a bunch of free content just for you paying a subscription fee to get all the other free stuff too. Even if you could download 1 per month, Sony wouldbe losing more than they make off of your subscription fee. 12 $9.99 PS1 games a year would be $120!

"Discounts on Store Content
Get weekly member-exclusive discounts on specific games, game add-ons and themes on the PlayStation Store. Discounts may range from 20-50% off regular retail prices."

^ AGAIN, Sony would lose more money that what they get from your subscription fee.

"Online Music Video Service
Get a streaming music video service on your PlayStation 3 that lets you stream music videos from a continuously growing catalog of music and allows you to create a custom playlist to play back. [Presumably an ad-free VidZone? ~Watchful]"

^ More lost money for Sony.

"Loyalty Program Rewards
Get rewards the longer you are a subscriber and also earn rewards by engaging with PlayStation such as buying games, downloading movies, and rating products. Rewards can include full versions of PlayStation Network games and digital movie rentals from the PlayStation Store."

^ If that were true, it'd be like a credit card where you would have to spend thousands of dollars to get something good.

Seriously, what a joke! These alleged feature are such BS.

FlameBaitGod3220d ago

AWESOME!!!!!!(if its true which is hard but maybe possible lol), Sony never disappoints

FACTUAL evidence3220d ago

I hate paying for online services (XBL), but if premium really does all that, this is something i would have to pay for....imagine if this is also cheaper than XBL.....uh oh spaghetti ohz! Watch out MS!

MEsoJD3220d ago

Is this why it took so long to come out??? They knew everyone wanted it

so they want to charge for it??? Thats the only feature I want and I'm

not paying for it.

zeeshan3220d ago

The only problem I have here is paying for X-game chat. Yes, I know M$ charge you to play online, Yes, I know that you pay M$ for Cross Game Chat etc and Yes, I know SONY has provided us with a lot of free stuff and because of that I love my PS3 -- BUT, I still think Cross Game Chat should be free.

The reason is simple. This will kick XBLA in the nuts and thus SONY will see a huge boost in sales both in harward and software. I know they are doing absolutely fantastic numbers after PS3 Slim but it could get even better if they add XGC for free. Secondly and most importantly, my main concern is if I do opt to become a premium member, that doesn't mean my friend is going to become one as well. He has free online gaming and he is very happy with it and won't pay for premium membership. Now if my friends aren't willing to pay for premium membership, who am I going to talk to? That being said, I know I won't be paying for XGC alone and I'd defenitely use the free PSP Minis/PSN games etc and this Token Wagering idea is great but one of the premium features will be rendered useless only because it's not universal.

I seriously hope SONY reconsiders this. If the price is right, I am defenitely going to go for the premium service but they have got to keep the XCG free man!

DeadlyFire3220d ago

I wish there was an option for all features. As well as cheaper prices. So far Option 3 is looking to be the best though. Other options all charge $70 a year for almost nothing that extrodinary. Option 3 gives you what you need for only $30. Cheaper than Xbox Live and well under half the cost of the other options. PC platform still gets free Cross game chat though, but its not hosted on a restricted Console platform.

Ahmay3220d ago

they had included Qore....

Proxy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

First, I don't believe many of those features.

Second, some of them, if true, are a big slap in the face. Like getting access to certain content before everyone else. This mean "it's ready for release to everyone, but we will purposely keep it away from our non-premium users."

nbsmatambo3220d ago

i had never ever thought about paying for something online.....but this sure changes my mind :O

avengers19783220d ago

That is what I want full game rental service, if they included that it would be definate for me but I may just stick with free, free is still awesome.

Saaking3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Wow, if all those feature are true, PSN will be above and beyond what MS could ever hope to offer. I mean, just look at it. So much good stuff. It's definitely better than paying 50 bucks for crossgame chat, twitter, and facebook.

@the people complaining about xgame chat

Sony said everything free RIGHT NOW will remain free. The PS3 hasn't offered X game chat for the past 3 years so if you've never had it I don't think you'll miss. Besides, for everything Sony is offering, you might as well go premium.

zeeshan3220d ago

^^^ My friend, not all of us are complaining. Please check my post above to see what I mean.

Btw, I just gave you a bubble because of your comment on another story :) Cheers :)

ThanatosDMC3220d ago

I dont like this one:

"Get exclusive member-only in-game content for your PS3 or PSP such as new game play options, unlocked in-game weapons or player slots, exclusive levels, costumes/skins, and PlayStation Home spaces."

That means they're cutting off some content from the disk that should have been paid for all ready with our $59.99 + tax and we have to pay for the rest, especially if it's a map pack or extra level.

NegativeCreepWA3220d ago

What a bunch of hypocrites, anyways I'll probably end up paying for.

AAACE53220d ago

Token wagering and catch up tv seem like good add ins. It's good that PSN will finally get cross game chat because the way its set up now is too much of a problem. I have a mic, so why would I want to go through all those screens to send someone a message?

Overall, these features are well worth it, but there are still a few issues I don't like that still remain that LIVE has over PSN. If your friend is in a game, you don't have to sit and wait for an invite, you can just jump in when you see a spot open. On LIVE, you get a demo for almost every game. PSN only gives you demos for some games and usually after the game is released. More importantly (for me anyway), on LIVE, the demos download quicker and once it is downloaded I can play it right away. PSN takes a little longer to download and then I have to wait longer to install it and sometimes I have to wait longer to update it... also I have to leave the Ps3 on to finish downloading, on the 360, I can turn it off and it still downloads, charges my zune and my controller. Also, the interface for PSN reminds me of XBL before they gave the update that got rid of the traditional blade system.

I'm not talking bad about the Ps3, just pointing out a few problems I wish were different. PSN is a good service and these will be welcome additions for those who are willing to pay for them.

Out of curiosity though... I wonder how many people who complained about paying for XBL will pay for PSN premium? They probably won't admit it, but i'll ask anyway.

anh_duong3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

okay lets create the longest list of extra features in the world; the list is as long as king kong's dong..

so when premium access does come we are bound to get some points right..

seriously i rather go to a fortune teller.. the list is so fricking long some of the points are bound to be right..

ABizzel13220d ago

This is well worth the price, if they dump the 4 options and have a full service $60 and a limited service $20 (while keeping the free PSN).

Token Wagering is going to be problematic, it's borderline gambling and that's illegal for minors. I guess you aren't paying for the tokens, but the service which is how they can get around it, but expect someone to fail a law suit.

But everything else looks great. Make it happen Sony. This should be launching March 2010 after your fiscal period.

Soldierone3220d ago

Its not set up based on what features WILL be offered, its set up to see which features your interested in and how much you will pay for it. IF you all select 60 bucks for cross game chat, then Sony knows they can get away with ripping you off. If you all pick the cheap 20 dollar selection that doesnt have very many features, they know price is the important factor.

Things like Xgame chat, Netflix without a disc, trophy update, and other crap like that SHOULD be in a FREE update. Its just bs to make people pay for something that should already happen.

oli3220d ago

so is this XBoxLive x99999? but only on ps3 :P

lovestruck063220d ago

but the highest plan cannot be more than xbox live gold. i will not pay more than xbox live and i know no one will. if they introduced paid subcriptions for ps3 at a higher price than xbox live then basically sonys gunna have the old console launch expierence again. plus people like me will lose faith in them cuz if they do that im going to assume theyve gone cenial or crazy. theyll be just giving xbox live the advantage. and theyre poor choice would all be cuz theyre getting greedy. they could mnake the service 10 dollars and thats still 10 more than what theyre getting now plus people would jump from xbox live to psn way cheaper more features think about it. if sony prices this service right they could cut into the 360's live base substantually. they better not f this up by charging more than xbox live. or even more than they have too. look at like this sony the more people u sway to buy it the more money u make even if the fee is tiny. it will work to your advantage.


Codeman4203220d ago

1.9: it doesnt say that you have to pay for online multi player. Your still getting that for free its just the premium thing they are are charging for it.

iamtehpwn3220d ago

BLOWS Xbox Live out of the Water in every single way. WOW.

Braska3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

All you ps3 fanyboys need to stop acting like you're not butthurt. I'm a big sony supporter, but if i have to pay to play broken online (which is still better than Live.) I will drop them so fast it'll make your head spin. Keep PSN free, all i want is Cross game chat, Sony can get all that other stuff + the $69.99 price tag and shove it up their ass.

"1 hour time trial" How about you release a F'ing demo.

40cal3220d ago

But a combo of some of these features, it would be hard not to.

Exclusive Experiences with Sony Brands
Extended Console Warranty 3 Years
Access to Beta Games
Member Demo Sharing of Full Game
Full Title Trial - 1st Hour Is Free
Token Wagering
User-to-user Challenges
Free Access to PSOne Classics, PSP Minis, and PS3/PSP Themes
Discounts on Store Content
Member Only In-game Content
Cloud Storage Space for Games
Online Music Service
Online Music Video Service
Loyalty Program Rewards

A lot of these "freebies" make sense considering it would mostly boil down to data fees and licensing, could be a great revenue stream and customer experience if done right.

Rampant3220d ago

This was expected.

In order to bring PSN to the same level as Xbox Live, Sony to had to charge for the extra features. Now if they just force everyone that's playing games online to pay then Cross Game Voice Chat might actually be worth it to people.

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i_am_interested3221d ago

they need to just throw that all into one package and price it at 39.99, 49.99 at the most

FamilyGuy3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

cant imagine them charging less than the post $70 a year amount.

TheDudeAbides3220d ago

id pay the highest package, but i want to get all the content wherever i live, no region lock on music, vids etc

FACTUAL evidence3220d ago

yeah just keep it 39.99$. Not that 50$ isn't bad for PSNP, heh worth more than the other service, so i actually wouldn't mind paying the 50$ for this one, being that there are more special things than just a 50$ Xgame chat.

Soldierone3220d ago

I dont care whats offered, but im not willing to pay more than 30 to 40 bucks for this service, and even taht is pushing it for me. Pile on college bills, internet, and the Star Wars MMO I want to play...

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unrealgamer583221d ago

since I gave live a chance I'll sure as hell will give my ps3 the same chance. especially since ALL my favorite games are on the ps3 this gen

Delta3221d ago

How much? that is my question.

Redempteur3220d ago

That is the only question is have for now . and the answer will depends whenever i said F*** you or Thanks.

SO sony , make the right choice ...

FACTUAL evidence3220d ago

agree, but screw how much as of now. "Is this real!?!?" is my question.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Now this is an online service you should be paying for...