Amazon Pre-order Deal for Dead Space 2

Pre-order Dead Space 2 on Amazon right now to get the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game for under $50.

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champ213317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

whats the point.. when i could get the superior pc version for 45usd on steam :P

try harder next time.


just saying 50usd isnt anything special.

also according to n4g every other ps3 owner owns a rig.

Feral Gamer3317d ago

Wow, what's with the attitude? Not everyone has a gaming rig.

iANONYMOUS3317d ago


I agreed with you, incase you havent notice most of the ps3 owner here own a gaming rig. They claim game looks better on PC ( which is true ), since this is available on PC I wonder if they are getting it for PC? or the PS3? Hypocrite much?

I've read so much of BS about gaming rigs, so I really hope they bought the PC version.

kraze073317d ago

I'll admit I'm a PS3 owner and I do own a gaming rig. I also own an Xbox360 and a Wii. Usually the only games I play on consoles are multiplats or games that I've borrowed from friends or got good deals on. On topic though $50 is far from anything special.

raztad3317d ago


There is more than one point:

1) 50 is just 5 bucks away from 45 and not 10, so the difference is not that big.

2) You cant only talk about PS3 owners, the xbox userbase is still there.

3) Even if you had a PC you may prefer to game on your console for some reason if you have a choice.

In my case I dont have a gaming rig, just a laptop with a Radeon 3650 that runs games decently at 720p, in other words, console multiplatform game quality and in some cases slightly better.

ThanatosDMC3317d ago

Gonna get my copy at Fry's Electronics since new big name games over there are $47.99-$49.99. Yup, no paying for shipping and what not since you can just pick it up.

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interrergator3317d ago

under 50 hmmmmm (screw gamestop)

Marcello3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Order the game now when absolutly no media has been shown yet & and not due til March 31st 2011 !!

There is way too much coming out between now & then to even considering pre-ordering this althou its prob a dead cert i will get it, dead cert hihi get it :)

Somnipotent3317d ago

bah hah hah, you think it's funny but i've had final fantasy xiii preordered since 2007. plus, there are chances that the price could drop and if you have it preordered, the price drops with it. if it goes up, you still keep the lowest price. gotta love amazon!

Somnipotent3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

done and done. i'll take any dollar amount of savings i can get. and having amazon prime rocks (free 2 day shipping and more oft than not, release day shipping) too :)

HungPHAT3317d ago

Just preordered it . Love Amazon and there great deals on new releases , plus I get 3 points for every dollar I spend and every thousand points I get $25.00 gift certificate , GameStop I get nothing but unfriendly punk pushy kids that want to preorder stuff you don't want.

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