SCEA CEO Jack Tretton on Sales

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton weighs in on company sales and the outlook for company growth in 2010. " Amazing show it's difficult to exceed expectations beyond the high hopes that we had that we sold. Over 440000. Units in the Black Friday week alone up 90% from November of last year so we couldn't be -- were selling every unit we can manufacture."

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Sanzee3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I'm happy for Sony. Everyone seems to be doing well though. Except the Wii. But wii don't really care...

RememberThe3573227d ago

November was great to all three companies this year and I'm glad to see it. Having all three functioning as healthy businesses is ideal for the best gaming experiences in the long run.

presto7173227d ago

b!tch shut up. just shut up

annoying as hell.....

thereapersson3227d ago

Call of DOODIE

*makes ridiculous face as if she's straining to say it*

silverbeld3227d ago

Obviously she bought a 360 for her son.

It's so clear she is trying to put Sony down.

sikbeta3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

"Everyone seems to be doing well though. Except the Wii"

Is selling less than before, but remeber they make profit for every console sold, so the Nintendo bank account is OK


Jack Tretton Really knows how to deal with those Tools, GOD she clearly don't know really much about gaming lol


Jack, a D-bag? Far away from that

He's a cool guy, know how to move and don't need to attack the competition like the king of douches aka Greenburg

gaffyh3227d ago

OK, seriously, how is Jack Tretton a douchebag?

He said nothing douchebaggish, he keeps everything above the belt, he talks business, never calls out competitors directly, and he only promotes PS3 games rather than putting down games from the competition. He's a saint compared most of the douches in the industry *cough*Greenburg*cough*.

zeeshan3227d ago

I kinda hate Fox. Most of their anchors are soooooooo damn annoying!

callahan093227d ago

"we're selling every unit we can manufacture"

I noticed that during most of the day yesterday, listed the PS3 as "Out of Stock."

Christopher3227d ago

Jack Tretton is very far from a d-bag. He is very candid with the gaming community and always a business man when on screen. I remember at the 2008 E3 he had a closed door Q&A for the media and his answers were by far the most open and honest answers you can find about his products and his competitors. I'm sure there's a moment out there where he might have said something that wasn't 100% Mr. Good Guy, but it's an extreme rarity and it more than likely was taken out of context.

raztad3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I guess you guys are talking about the infamous Kotaku dbag list, right?

Yeah as expected from Kotaku they stretched very thin a positive forecast from Tretton to call the guy a dbag, but unsurprisingly they "forgot" Turn 10 and their good old friend Greenberg.

Very nice interview. I couldnt care less about motion controls but we know there is a market for them, however it's clear Sony is not ditching its core market for the sake of casuals. Let the games come.

ThanatosDMC3226d ago

Actually the Wii and it's accessories are sold out at Fry's. People are raping the store for them. I see empty shelves especially for the controllers. I'm thinking it's because of the Mario game. It's so fun.

Ravage273226d ago

on-topic: I really like Jack Tretton, he's always honest and professional when giving interviews, unlike those embarrassments over at the green camp.

Note how classy his response to the attacks were, he managed to promote his product, back up with solid facts , all without needlessly bashing or downplaying the competition.

rockleex3225d ago

120GB PS3 slims available at my Best Buy. My friend grabbed the last one.

Its been a month and we still can't find any more 120GBs, only 250GBs.

Either they haven't gotten a new shipment yet, or the 120GBs have been selling out every time a new shipment comes through.

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Finalfantasykid3227d ago

That was a great interview, I enjoyed it :)

silverbeld3227d ago

Except that annoying anchor woman!

sikbeta3227d ago

Great interview indeed, That old man throw a good question and Jack answer was excellent, one of the best parts of interview

unrealgamer583227d ago

it's a fox website, dare i venture?

diatom3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

The way she changed her voice when mentioning call of duty made me want to punch her in the face.

Then again most fox news employees have the same effect on me.

upshot21123227d ago

You need to wake up if you think FOX news is eeewwww or maybe you like your news from the twilight zone. I prefer the no spin zone! keep off the kool-aid chief

RememberThe3573227d ago

lol You think Fox doesn't spin the news? Are you kidding me? Wake up...

mastiffchild3227d ago

Yeah, Fox is so right wing these days you can't get a job there without a reference from Franco! Honestly, looking in from the UK to America Fox News is one of the things that really does you guys no favours. Our own ITN, Sky and BBC are poor enough but they pale into acceptability beside Fox and their reactionary tory tosh.

Seriously, if Fox was the only way to get my news I just wouldn't bother. It isn't just their obvvious leanings either but some of their anchors and reporters seem very ill suited to their roles. I forget the guy's name but there's one financial correspondent who just doesn't have a clue about anything he's asked about-and the anchors often seem like they haven't been briefed on the stories before doing interviews or introducing items. It was so predictable that they wouldn't have m,uch of a handle on gaming, mind, but when the actual gaming media itself stuggles so badly at times maybe that's one thing we could give them a pass on.

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Nathan Drake23227d ago

in japan ps3 will outsold wii in 2009.november wii numbers for US are 38% lower then november 2008. despite price cut 50$.good to hear.

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