Square Reuses Race Concepts for Final Fantasy XIV

GD: "So, I was making my way through some Final Fantasy XIV information the other day, when I happened across the races. And my, what a selection! There's the human-like Hyur, the large, tough, hairy Roegadyn, the small and cute, but highly intelligent Taruta–ahem, I meant Lalafell. Waitaminute…these all look so familiar!"

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Myst3218d ago

I like these races ( of course I'll have a Hume and elvaan only since those are the only two I play as ), but people have come to love these races. Maybe later on due to an expansion ( which is usual with Square and their MMOs - Taking a look at XI ) We'll probably get more jobs and maybe one more race. Though I think Square loves the races they have already and are not yet ready to thinking up another race yet.

Though I'm sure if people cried out for them we may very well get them.

sandwiches3218d ago

Unfortunately, whether people like these races or not, this shows Square's usual lack of imagination and willingness to take risks. I think this is contributing to the current decline in popularity of JRPGs.