Will Heavy Rain Be Heavy Fail, Or Will It Set A New Benchmark?

David Cage, Sony and Quantic Dream have been trying their best to get the Heavy Rain hype train full steam on course, and they've accomplished exactly that. For years now Quantic Dream has left gamers awestruck with the title's realistic visuals that promises to bring out emotions of in-game characters like we've never seen done before. The developer is promising a mature experience that will be something new to the gaming world; so obviously expectations are through the roof. But since the game is bringing so many new and unfamiliar experiences in an industry that has gotten used to 'more of the same', the question remains: will Heavy Rain fail hard, or might it be one of the biggest success stories in gaming history?

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Bungie3225d ago

time will tell

i'll wait for the reviews first

-Alpha3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Pretty much agreed with you, but I'm hyping it to set a new benchmark. I have faith that this will be a great game and I am thinking it will be a modern-day "Shadow of the Colossus" and by that I mean it will be a unique and bold experience.

Edit: Just saw your username and realized who you were. Is the cute girl supposed to help you alleviate the "disagree" spam your messages always get? :P

Saaking3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Before all the hate articles start pouring in, I'll say this. Heavy Rain will have slow sales. It's a niche title so I don't expect it to be this huge seller; however, it will push gaming forward. It's not a game for the regular gamer, it's a game for gamers who want something different. Who want something other than shooter after shooter.

StanLee3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I agree wholeheartedly with Saaking. *waits for hell to freeze over*

@ Hellsvacancy

Neither Ico nor Shadow of the Colossus garnered a following outside the niche community those games appealed to. I really wish gamers would stop setting unrealistic goals for certain titles when those expectations wont be a measure of the game's success.

Hellsvacancy3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Itll set a new benchmark in gamin and so will The Last Guardian, u gottta b blind or stupid if u dont know a quality game when u c 1

arika3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

it's going to be a big success! the only question is how successful is it going to be. it can either be a modern warfare 2 or a uncharted 2 kind of success. whatever it is i will be joining in for the ride. this is a type of game you buy and play on day one because you know that from what we have seen so far it has epicness written all over it!

happyface3225d ago

Heavy Fail imo

sony games dont really sell, plus this one is just not appealing. if uncharted cant get sells what is the hope for this ?

Anon19743225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Let's face it. Uncharted 2 was an outstanding game and the haters are already calling it a failure because it's "only" sold 2 million copies.

Heavy Rain isn't the type of game that's going to fly off the shelves. Just look at sales of their last game, Indigo Prophecy. This is a niche genre, and even if they break down all sorts of barriers and move video game story telling to an art, there will be those that will point and laugh, feeling all smug about themselves because it didn't break a million on day one.

There are some who simply have no business calling themselves gamers.

Edit: That's funny. I typed my whole rant without seeing that the poster above me was doing exactly what I described. Perhaps, rather then a gaming site you'd be better off posting on This site is for gamers.

Edit Below: Of course it's an interactive movie. What did you expect this to be? Did you not play Indigo Prophecy? Maybe that's not your thing but this will be a day one buy for me.

kaya3225d ago

ya I gotta wait for reviews too. After hearing David Cage's comments about it being more like an interactive movie, I'm way skeptical.

PrimordialSoupBase3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Essentially seems like more Indigo Prophesy, which is good. Problem is that it didn't sell before.

Kevin ButIer3225d ago

I love the idea, the concept, the graphics

Quality Boom!!!

GWAVE3225d ago

In my opinion, it will be this generation's Shenmue, although I think it will be much more financially successful.

In other words, it will push gaming forward in many ways and will impress a lot of true gamers, but it won't be a mainstream game that the MW2 and Madden players flock to.

arika3225d ago

what are you smoking dudes! not selling well! uncharted 2 has sold close to probably 2 million sales already and the fact that ps3 has a lot more variety and triple A games to choose from thats a lot. ps3 gamers are not only fps only players we want diversity and quality specially with the exclusive games. it might not sell gazilions right away but overtime it will achieve its set target sale. and we don't play your "the sales" game.

Blaze9293225d ago

I think it will impress the mass but won't reach out to as many as it should. Indigo Prophecy was on 4 platforms but yet ask majority of gamers and they have no idea what that is or who Quantic Dream is. Now Heavy Rain, exclusive to the PS3, will only be broadcasted to those who own a PS3 and even care about this kind of game.

Then you have the question on if this is even a game anymore. Even David Cage is no longer calling it a videogame.

Doesn't matter to me, got my pre-order locked in through amazon with release date delivery.

beardpapa3225d ago

Sony games get the most sensational headlines. If Sony weren't in this generation, most of these failed game bloggers probably wouldn't have an income thanks to the amount of traffic hits they get from n4g and other "gaming" news article sites.

Regardless if the game is good or not, it'll be a flop considering they never put out any big marketing for any of their games. Sony seem to believe that the game will sell itself but they fail to realize the majority of their games are new IPs with absolutely little to no marketing.

I'd say Heavy Rain will break 1mil several months down the line, and we'll be hearing Quantic say things like how they will go multiplat for their next game and all this whining bs just like Ninja Theory did - that is... if it doesn't break 1 mil.

gaffyh3225d ago

As long as I get to play the game, I don't care if it sells less, as long as it sells enough for the dev to get a profit, or if fanboys find a tiny problem with it and magnify it.

darthv723225d ago

this game reminds me of shenmue. A few QTE's here and there but a deep compelling story. I would take shenmue 3 over this game any day because I have the previous 2 and want to know what happens next.

This game is a niche and will do well among the shenmue crowd but to the rest, it will get passed up in favor of more well known genres.

kanedaakira3225d ago

I sincerely hope it sets a new benchmark. You've got to respect QD for trying to push a new unique, mature experience.

All this talk about sales is pathetic. Even if it does sell poorly it will still be a fantastic game. Consider movies...Most of the movies I own and enjoy are niche titles that don't sell like Hollywood Blockbusters.

I thank all the directors / producers and developers for having the balls to follow their craft and ambition and make something different. The developers who try to push the envelope and create unique, stylised and individual games deserve my respect and my money !

Chubear3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Give it 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s & 8s all day long, I'm still buying this puppy, GW, on launch.

Lifendz3225d ago

Outside of the hardcore PS3 owners on N4G, NeoGaf, etc, U.S PS3 owners just don't buy games like 360 owners. But in Europe and Japan I think it'll do very well. Especially in Europe.

But in the end I don't own stock in Sony so I gain nothing from bad sales or good sales other than assurance that we'll get a sequel. I'm buying it day one.

sikbeta3225d ago

This game is not teh shooter, so it'll not sell enormously, this game is unique and by that niche, so kids will not buy this game

This article was made by a teenager or what?

This question is so wrong, is like saying this game can't set a new benchmark because it'll not sell well

This game clearly is something new, no matter how good or bad will sell

Prototype3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I'm up for a new type of game, this "follow the leader" gaming generation so far pissed me off

-looks at stack of games-

Now if you excuse me I got Way of the Samurai 3 to play :D

TotalPS3Fanboy3225d ago

but like all great games (such as SoTC and Ico), it will set a new benchmark in gaming.

nycredude3225d ago

That is the problem with the media these days. It seems everyone thinks that sales determines wether a game is good or not. I am of the belief that a game can fail at selling millions of copies and still set a benchmark in the industry.

R6ex3225d ago

We must support all credible innovative ideas.

badz1493225d ago

you're a poop face! yeah, keep playing you sales game while the others play the actual great games!

HR is an excellent game conceptually but the key factor for the game will be the execution of gameplay. I think, for those gamers that are craving for great story in games, those who watch all MGS4 cutscenes without skipping while playing are going to enjoy HR! but this time, instead of just watching, you're gonna be 'in' the story the whole time! I'm looking forward to the game but I can see that haters are in full throttle wanting this game to fail! QD had proven their talent with Indigo Prophecy, given the technology of the PS3, I think we can expect a more engaging story driven game by them this time around!

Anon19743225d ago

Lifendz said "U.S PS3 owners just don't buy games like 360 owners."

Actually, they do and sometimes more. The difference is in the install base. 60% of the 360's sold worldwide have been sold to the US. We're talking about 20 million consoles. Compare that to 11 million PS3's in the US. Of course the 360 is going to sell more software in the US.

Take Grand Theft Auto 4 as an example. The 360 sold tonnes of copies in the US, but when you look at attach rates it looks as if the PS3 actually had a higher attach rate.

It's not that PS3 owners aren't buying games in the US, it's just that there aren't nearly as many of them. However, when you throw in the worldwide figures the PS3 has outsold the 360 since it launched worldwide back in March of 2007. You can bet developers are watching these trends. When they start making a game, they're looking at what the landscape will look like in a year or two in addition to the installed user base now.

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vhero3224d ago

I think its gonna struggle unless it gets some SERIOUS advertising. The reason games like Gears of War do so well with there first game is they advertised that game to HELL. With no advertising first games in series usually don't do well no matter how good they are ask naughty dog about Uncharted :(. Great game just next to no advertising for the first game so sales were lower than they should have been.

rockleex3224d ago

New pathways for developers.

Many great movies don't have ANY action scenes in it at all.

Why can't developers create an immersive video game that focuses on great character development and plot?

I want thrillers like Chaser (AKA Chugyeogja) or Memories of Murder. Or other genres like Slumdog Millionaire, Finding Nemo, etc.

They all could be made into video games without resorting to filler missions in between the story progression. Make the gameplay a PART of the story.

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SasanovaS19873225d ago

so let me get this straight, despite the fact a great game is great, no matter the hype train, its destined to fail? mofo, let me tell you something. just because u aint got nothing to play on the xbox this year and you have to blindly join the hype train for your halo DLCs, dillusionally telling yourself its got great games, doesnt mean i have to create a hype train for a game that will raise the bar in the way games are made. heavy rain is a movie you get to control, something thats never been done before, not in the idea, or the way it was shot. these are real actors, greenscreens, motion capturing, i can go on and on. disagree all you want, but i dont care if developers go out of business because game doesnt sell, at least il know il play a great game and salute them on their departer. but im sure the game will sell at least a mil. i rather have a game that dont sell then have average shooter sequals coming out each year for you to play cus your bored of multiplats. suck it. btw im drunk and i cant stop typing!~

-Alpha3225d ago

And who the HELL are you talking to?

The article doesn't seem to be saying anything negative about Heavy Rain, just speculating on whether or not it will succeed or fail based on the key points that Heavy Rain is looked at more as an interactive experience than a game.

All the writer did was post facts about what Cage has said and concluded:

"One of two things can happen, either Heavy Rain defy all odds and be successful at creating a new genre, or the game will fail miserably. I see no middle ground. But at least Sony and Quantic Dream must be respected for taking risks in an industry that offers no second chances."

He doesn't seem to have picked a side... nor has Bungie or I before you commented... Am I missing something here? Or are you just drunk? Lol.

Solidus187-SCMilk3225d ago

Is every thing always about the xbox with you people?

It is obvious taht this game is very different from other games. Even if it gets great reviews it may not sell that great because its soo different.

Im looking forward to playing it and will defiantly give it a try regardless of the reviews because im really interested to see what its like.

nycredude3225d ago

Alphamale 22

Do you know how retarded it sounds when people say things like "Heavy Rain is looked at more as an interactive experience than a game"?

If you break down ANY game to it's core it is nothing but an interactive experience. Some games are better than others but that is all they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Explain to me what a game is and then explain to me what an interactive experience is... if you still don't realize how stupid that statement above is then I don't know what to say...

unrealgamer583225d ago

indeed time will tell but im 78% sure it's day 1

aaron58293225d ago

I'm a sucker for thrillers ... no matter it is a book, a movie or a god damn videogame.


TapiocaMilkTea3225d ago

same here, already preordered :)
I think it'll be something like valkria chronicles, great game, good reviews, but somehow disappointing sales.

Raoh3225d ago

I take it he is talking about sales. cause i expect the game to be a success game wise. I actually installed Indigo Prophecy on my pc over the weekend so i could give the game another play through, cant wait for heavy rain..

ThatCanadianGuy3225d ago

Same here, was playing it all weekend on the o'l PS2.
Good times, great game.

Heavy Rain is a day one for me!

creeping judas3225d ago

The reviewers will love it
The gaming bloggers will hate it
The PS3 users that buy the game will love it
The 360 fanboys will call fail when the game fails to sell 1 million copies day one
The PS3 users who bought the game are happy with the game
The PS3 is doomed articles will arise, stating because of QTE games SONY is going to fail
The PS3 users playing the game are loving it
The game will sell well over it's life time, enough to allow QD to make more amazing games

Just my predictions. I can bet I'm closer to the truth then Pacther could ever be.

games4fun3225d ago

I still dont understand the hate for QTE. One of my favorite games used it... Shenmue. nuff said

as long as you use it context wise and leave the actual fighting mechanics mostly(doesnt have to even be entirely) to real input then its fine.

Saying otherwise is stupid and ruins presentation.

Article: Raises valid point, it most likely will not be a blockbuster hit, i'll be happy if they make a million(lifetime) which should more than cover expenses.

bjornbear3225d ago

QTE's used in the correct context are awsum!

Shenmue is easily one of my fav games ever! I WANT SHEMNUE 3 NOW!! ;_;!!

Anyway, i think the QTE hate comes from those kids that can't play anything that doesn't consist of shooting your way to the completion of the game.

Sad days...sad sad days...