Sony confirms Q1 line-up

Sony has just confirmed its Q1 line-up, which will contain three AAA exclusives. God of War, Heavy Rain, and MAG have all been scheduled for a release within the next three months, and will prove to make Q1 an expensive time for any PS3 owner. Read on to find out the specific date.

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FiftyFourPointTwo4233d ago

MAG - January
Heavy Rain - February
GOW III - March
and that's only in Q1. Incredible!

2010 belongs to Sony.

nix4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

you forgot - just like 2008 and 2009.

and no... we don't play sales in playstation world. q:

Hanif-8764233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I'm excited for Heavy Rain, its really gonna be nice to play something different for a change!

SSCOOLCHEA4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

My preorder list and these are all SONY EXCLUSIVE ( I don't buy multiplatform games unless there 10 or 20 bucks )

1.GOW 3

@ truth

It takes 1 or 2 comments to get across to somebody but you like to write a whole paragragh on just jibby jib jibberish..All I here is MAG than blah blah blah...Nice to know you don't have a ps3...


truth might be lucky this christmas. He might be getting a ps3 ,moms said its affordable now $299

Udidntlistenpunk4233d ago

This means that PS3 has, again, the best line up ever seen in gaming history.

We play next gen.

Bots will have to settle with Avatar racing and Bottom of Avatars shoe.

NiiGhTx4232d ago

The motion controller :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii4232d ago

Poor droids 3 of the only 4 games Sony has for 2010 all at the beginning of the year and for the rest of the year... nutin. Poor droids no games in 2010, well 4 games in 2010.

zag4232d ago

Don't cry, too much.

we'll also get bioshock 2 etc also on the PS3 plus games not on the 360 later on as well.

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TheHater4233d ago

WKC in Feb
GT5 in March (Japan)
That five must have games in the first three months

Saaking4233d ago

Now THAT'S a good exclusive lineup.

MastaMold4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

damn Sony u leaving me broke :)

Dutch Boogie4233d ago

Don't forget Yakuza 3 and Star Ocean:TLH

Gabe EatsWell4233d ago

Sony has commenced Operation: Wallet Rape. :)

Government Cheese4233d ago

Too bad I'm starting college in january and all my money is going to tuition and gas......guess i'll have to settle for renting.

hardmetal4233d ago

They want to increase SCEI sales in terms of hardware and software.


ryuzu4233d ago

they need to be careful calling MAG AAA. While I enjoyed the beta a lot it is definitely not going to be to everyone's taste.

Unless the full release changes I would expect to see a lot of 8s and maybe even a 7 from the harsher websites.

Personally I think it's great and have it as day 1, but it's just not a title that will appeal to the casual FPS-ers given it's slower pacing and somewhat bland graphics.


itisa4233d ago

Don't forget Modnation Racers.I'm so dying for that game.Arghh the possibility!!

Guido4233d ago

A game is not considered AAA for review scores alone. It is in fact the description given to games by publishers and developers for both reasons of cost of production and media hype. In the end, you can have a AAA flop or an AAA success. MAG does not look like something I will play so here's hoping that Sony does well with it.

sikbeta4233d ago

My wallet has no hope...

Awesome line-up

gaffyh4233d ago

God of War 3 - Day 1 buy
Heavy Rain - Day 1 buy
WKC - Buy
Yakuza 3 - Buy
Last Rebellion - Maybe
GT5 - May Import
MAG - Not for me.

Whilst a lot of people (me included) don't like MAG, I know that there are a LOT of SOCOM fans, especially in Europe. And MAG is just like SOCOM, but better and more accessible because it is an FPS. Sony just need to figure out how to convert all those SOCOM fans to MAG fans, although I'm sure most of them are already in the know.

zeeshan4233d ago

Add all the JRPGs coming to PS3, that's a lot of great games man!

Kassanova074233d ago

Stop taking meh papa Sony!!

pixelsword4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I'm in Sony's Advisory panel (and a few others); we're already on it. I'll post my input on my blog in a day or two, Lord willing.

mfwahwah4233d ago


They started that operation MONTHS ago.

Blaze9294233d ago

God of War 3 - Already Pre-ordered
Heavy Rain - Already Pre-ordered
WKC - Don't care
Yakuza 3 - Don't Care
Last Rebellion - Don't Care
GT5 - Don't Care
MAG - Didn't like the beta so, don't care

ThanatosDMC4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Yakuza 3! Anyway, is that the picture of the author? He looks like he's 15 years old.

raztad4233d ago

Dont forget Sony is acting like a publisher here. Yakuza 3 is from Sega. WKC is a promising RPG but ia already a relatively old game and the hype has faded away a lot.

I'll be playing some 256 matches in MAG beta in january, but I'll get Heavy Rain first. Later will be GoW3 turn and then I'll be back to MAG when done with GoW3.

It's gonna be an awesome multiplayer summer between the epic MAG and more KZ2.

BRG90004232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

They are using the industry term AAA, which means that it is a game that has strong support from Sony and will have a heavy marketing push. This is what critics mean when they say AAA as well, and this is why Sony or Microsoft can say that a game is AAA before it comes out, because they MAKE it AAA by putting support behind it.

This is also why they don't include something like Yakuza on a list of AAA games. Because they don't plan to put money/support behind it to the degree they will for GOW, Heavy Rain, or MAG.

AAA to mean 9+ review scores is a recent misunderstanding/bastardizatio n of the term. To quote Jeff Gerstman on the Giant Bomb podcast on June 30, "people who think AAA means high review scores are wrong and they are dumb."

lve2playbball4232d ago

I'm sorry this is off topic, I just needed to say this...I just finished Uncharted 2 for the first is fantastic and I now know what all the hype was. I never played the first one, now I will have to...already STOKED for Uncharted 3.

edhe4232d ago

Shame I don't care about any of them :x

Well that's a lie, the other half might've liked Heavy Rain.

*goes back to re-watching the ME2 cinematic trailer.

FACTUAL evidence4232d ago

How am i gunna pay for all this...this...this greatness!!?!?!?!

raztad4232d ago


Hey! an off topic comment for a change?. hehe j/k

I'm glad you enjoyed UC2. Incredible game. It deserves all the praise it's getting.

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Cyrax_874233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Jan - MAG
Feb - Heavy Rain
March - God of War III

Also GT5 in Japan (in March) and isn't ModNation Racers due sometime in Feb as well?

edit: TheHater beat me to it. Oh yeah, forgot about WKC as well.

Also (!) the Last Rebellion was confirmed for Feb in another topic, wasn't it?

MattyF4233d ago

Last Rebellion is coming from NIS America and Hit Maker in Feb.

nix4233d ago

at the rate i'm going.. i think i'll still be playing Demon's Souls throughout Jan. 41 hrs. 43 rank. only four mini boss dead so far. am too scared to venture out into the new places. lol. the game is freaking scary as hell.

presto7174233d ago

Lolz OMG I know what you mean. The prison (world 3) and the valley of defilement (5) are really freaky. I would spend hours farming in boleteria and the shrine of storms just cuz I did not want to venture into those dark worlds, especially world 5. But oh well, sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.

nix4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

ha ha.. i remember World 5-1. oh my god... i died twice at the same spot. i actually fell. twice. first time, i fell off while fighting all those rats with plague. then the second time, i got rid of the rats neatly only to fall off the exact spot because some tall enemy (didn't even get to see him properly) attacked me. after that i've stopped hanging around World 5-1. lol.

the darn game really kills your spirit. i turn into a wussy everytime i start the game. q:

once i went up the hill in 4-1 where the crow sits. it started speaking in eerie child's voice. i got so psyched, i ran like hell. you should have seen my character, i was all over the place. lol.

yeah.. i also farm around Boletorian Palace and 4-1. thanks to the White World thing that's going to be there till 28th, i might sum up some courage and venture out to new places. q:

great game.

DaTruth4233d ago

My happiest moment in the game was when I found out that 5-1 wasn't 2-1! I kept thinking if 2-1 is this hard, what is the rest of the game like?

pansenbaer4233d ago


I'll probably be playing that much too. Level 141 with 89 hours put into it. Such a great game...

JoySticksFTW4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

was 4-2, and those damn invisible enemies, when you hear them run up behind you giggling. WTF!?

And trying to find and kill the grim reapers that summoned the shadow men you just killed -- before those same shadow men could resurrect and kill you.

That sh!t was so tense, it gave me an f'n headache the first time through.

F' 4-2! (Great farming there though!)


And rounding the corner in 3-2 and seeing a giant Freddy Kruger centipede jump over my head made me high-pitch squeal like a girl

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Bungie4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

i thought GT5 will be released in march !!!

when it is coming ?

EDIT :thanks for da info

i guess it's for the better Q1 is too crowded

MattyF4233d ago

GT5 March release in Japan. Late Spring/Early Summer for NA.

stb4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

whos is that girl...looking stunning!!!!the last rebellion is on my sight field....want more jrpgs pliss

Edit: @bungie..

dud she is fine, i would destroy but wtf with halo!!!!!fail

villevalorox4233d ago

I really really really want GOW3 and Heavy rain, to be honest for some reason HR more than GOW. But I love me some GOW :) .. also WKC looks good, just I've never played an rpg like it just demon's souls and oblivion type. any way I was going to get mag but i guess I'm going to pass until i see how many others get and and hear what they have to say. And of course i want GT5 :)