Madden 08 Wii Interview

EA Tells IGN about Madden 2008 for the Wii,With details on a new online mode,and Wii specific mini-games.

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Sully9074804d ago

It looks like they are trying to make this a next gen version in a different sense then 360 or ps3.

MrBIGGLES4804d ago

The graphics are improving and the gameplay will be just as fun as the Wii's 07 Madden. This will be the Madden to get for 08.

anthonsh4804d ago

"Our focus on the control side of things this year was to continue to refine the controls, make them easier to perform, easier to remember and provide instant feedback to the player when they succeed or fail during gameplay."

Yep, EA seems to know what they're doing this time. I'm looking forward to this game more than SSBB, FFCC, or any of that stuff.

PS360WII4804d ago

Awesome. I can't believe I'm saying this but go EA! I remember when they were doing interviews for the last Madden on the Wii and how excited they were. They still have the same enthusiasm this year as well. Refined motion controls, more features, online, streaming in stats, better graphics, and Wii-exclusive modes. Can't wait to hear what else EA is doing with Nintendo

ItsDubC4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

This might be the Madden to get me back into the series. I can't wait to use the Telestrator mode to mock my friends lol! And online play? The August release isn't far off... =)