Halo 2, Shadowrun Made Playable on XP

Falling Leaf Studios is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. What has caused them ire? Microsoft making Halo 2 and Shadowrun Vista-only. So they decided to make them XP-compatible.

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Diselage4733d ago

Has anyone been able to try this yet? Is it buggy at all, because i would imagine frame rate and such may suffer for it to work.

Norad64733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

it comes out in late July. Read the article before posting.

Kleptic4733d ago

I was wondering how long it would take for something to make this happen...and DX10 is definitely going to start showing up on XP running machines...Even game developers are upset about how much of a sytem hog Vista is, and how their games are going to suffer on everything but the highest end machines...

Halo 2 stutters on machines that can max out half life 2, Doom 3, and even FEAR...and halo 2 brings absolutely nothing new to the table over those games...MS is affectively killing the aspects of a PC that made it the lead OS and system for computer this rate they are soon to announce the inability to upgrade a PC's hardware...

ASSASSYN 36o4733d ago

I fixed all my vista problems by upgrading memory.

Leathersoup4733d ago going back to WinXP until I can afford a PC that can run Vista. :)