Rumored PS Store Content for 12/22/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

With it being very last week for the PS Store team to finish their holiday shopping (they gotta shop too!) it's likely that this week's update wont be as massive as last week. But that doesn't mean we still aren't in for a great update featuring its own Massiveness with Zipper Interactive's MAG open beta which will be available to download tomorrow in the US PS Store. Also, as weather out side is frightful, Polar Panic will be so delightful as it makes its PS Store debut. It might be cold outside but not for LittleBigPlanet which is releasing its Water Level Pack / Pirates of the Caribbean DLC. For those of you with a Japanese PSN account, you really get to 'end' the year with a bang with a demo for End of Eternity which is already available at the time of this writing.

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JonnyBigBoss3220d ago

LBP Water content? Time to go back.

Winter47th3220d ago

Some Resident Evil love would sure be f'ing nice eh Sony?

Trexman893220d ago

yup. it'll great to get back into the creation tool again

Bnet3433220d ago

Can't wait for the MAG beta. Seems old but I never got in through invite.

Crimsonite3220d ago

still waiting on the dragon age dlc return to word on a release date...only "Coming this holiday season" =(

shawnsl653220d ago

OMG END OF ETERNITY! *crosses fingers*

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RKRigney3220d ago

I like rumors. From PSLS they almost always turn out to be true.

Sev3220d ago

Thanks man!

I have a good feeling that Pixeljunk Pack is coming out, I photoshopped that custom image icon for the article.

Limited_Vertigo3220d ago

Sev thx for the article. I always look forward to it.

DaTruth3220d ago

Even if I'm not interested in the content of the article, I will still click in just to support with my hit. Not that this is one of those, this is a top notch update!

Only way we can get quality stuff on here is to support those that are delivering it and ignore those who are flamebaiting!

DJ3220d ago

The private beta left a bad taste in my mouth. The End of Eternity demo is on my 'next to download' list though. It's weird how so many RPGs start on the 360, and then come to the PS3 with various improvements. I kind of like it.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3220d ago

Yeah, the MAG beta was a massive (pun intended :D) letdown for me.

I had high hopes going into it, but within minutes I knew this wasn't the game I was hoping for.

Bits-N-Kibbles3220d ago

I thought i heard it was pretty awesome somewhere. I didn't know the open beta was this week.

Unfortunate that they didn't just keep to SOCOM so it didn't blow and pissoff all their dedicated players.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3220d ago

I thought it was garbage, quite frankly.

I'm sure that there are those who enjoyed it, but there are also a lot of people that want to see it succeed simply because it's an exclusive, and would no doubt praise it even if it didn't deserve it.

ActionBastard3220d ago

I've always loved that header image. Great site Sev. You've got my support.

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The story is too old to be commented.