Keighley pleased with VGA ratings

Geoff Keighley has stated that he is pleased with the viewship numbers for the 2009 VGAs and that they have improved greatly over last year.

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Valay3226d ago

Keighley's ambitions for the VGAs seem to be very high. That's fine with me, but the one thing I find weird is that he wants the show to appear to a more mainstream demographic in addition to hardcore gamers.

BYE3226d ago

What is weird about that?

He wants games to get big so they can get the attention of hollywood blockbuster movies or famous music acts.

They're already selling big, but they're not accepted by the public like they should.

Guido3226d ago

it seems every time they do another VGA, they make gamers look like douche bags that want nothing more than lights and glamor. Sorry, but including the Jersey Shore douche bags this year was pathetic and his reason for doing so was even worse.

anh_duong3226d ago

high VGA ratings was much to do with keighley hyping it to kingdom come..

so the high ratings comes at a cost i.e. nobody will ever take the guy seriously again..

gaffyh3226d ago

I no longer trust Keighley, I watched the VGAs ( stream so haha no ratings for you), never gonna watch them again. Worst show ever.

Jsynn73226d ago

VGA sucked and I will not be watching them anymore. I think he knew it was going to suck and that's why he had to lie about a "super huge announcement". Most of those games announced were already talked about in gaming websites and, those that no one knew about were "meh" at best. I'll be we'll see a dramatic drop in ratings next year.

ThanatosDMC3226d ago

They'll attract more people all right but lose all the actual gamers that watch this crap.

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KwietStorm3226d ago

KwietStorm not pleased with Keighley's overhyping of the lackluster show.

tudors3226d ago

Halo love it or hate it is good for the economy.

sikbeta3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )


Love it or Hate it, Gaming Industry is more than 1 Game

dredgewalker3226d ago

I hated the VGA! Everything was so cheesy and most of the winners are rather questionable.

sikbeta3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

It could be more questionable if MW2 was GOTY

Whatever, UC2 is GOTY 2009 and not even the most Overhyped game in History couldn't change that