The World's First Energy Bar Geared for Gamers

Uncommon Loot has launched what they are claiming to be the first ever energy bar for gamers. The Headshot bar uses Guarana to give gamers, paintballers, and other young activists an energy boost like never before.

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Diselage4240d ago

Why does this sound like a way to get more money out of gamers. Oh wait thats because it is!

JasonXE4240d ago

i got this in my email yesterday, and said to myself "This story got to be fake" lol. Guessing it's not...

Khann4240d ago

"First ever energy bar for gamers"


What they mean to say is "The first ever energy bar to slap some phrase gamers will 'relate' to on their packaging, to exploit the gaming market"

Systematrix4240d ago

jittery hands while I'm aiming for someone's head. Why do I keep missing!?!