GameSpy: Xbox 360 Game of the Year - Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City

GameSpy writes: "Last year, Grand Theft Auto IV was one of our top games of the year, even though it didn't actually garner any awards. That changed with the release of Episodes From Liberty City, as the downloadable episodes' retail release was one of 2009's best Xbox 360-exclusive games. Rockstar proves once again that it's a master at creating an intricate story with multiple characters arcs that intertwine from time to time. Liberty City may be a sprawling metropolis, but when it comes to the criminal element, it's actually a pretty small world."

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3314d ago
Dutch Boogie3314d ago

lol i've seen it all now. How the fvck is a DLC gonna win GOTY?

sofocado3314d ago

Let me think about it guys........... you guys only have the ps3 version so you did not play the dlc. Well personally GTA4 was great. The DLC just make liberty city even better.

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