GameSpy: 2009: The Year in Review

GameSpy writes: "Let's not dance around it: 2009 sucked. From an economic and business standpoint -- even in our fun-filled world of videogaming -- the year was one pockmarked with layoffs, high-profile studio closures, corporate buyouts, game cancellations, and other grim news. And while it's true that we got some amazing games (with a huge first quarter's worth of big-ticket releases, in addition to the usual deluge of holiday A-listers), the year is one that most people will remember for the unemployment lines and corporate belt-tightening, as much as for the noteworthy software launches."

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tripewire3275d ago

Killzone 2
Batman AA (just finished it yesterday. Only game apart from UC2 that I've finished in two sittings. MARATHON!)
UnCharted 2
Demons Souls
Pretty sure flower and maybe WipEout HD were this year too.

Yes. 2009 sucked the wang so bad!!!