What Went Wrong With Duke Nukem Forever

Even though the antagonist of the story, George Broussard, co-owner of 3D realms, didn't consent to be interviewed for this story, Clive Thompson pieced enough together to get a good picture of what the hell went wrong. And it's obvious.

Here's the bottom line: bad management. Broussard kept stalling and stalling the release because he could, since he and the company were both bursting with enough cash to sustain things semi-indefinitely. Until they weren't.

Obsessed with moving the game into the latest engine, starting from Quake, to Unreal, to whatever-the-hell-else they were using between 1998 and now, Broussard basically condemned the game to development hell. If he had taken the boss's role of putting his foot down and making a decision to ship the game instead of constantly being in the engineer's role of always wanting the newest thing, we'd probably be playing the 3rd sequel for Duke Nukem by now.

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Ninji3320d ago

They wasted their time trying to fit it on a last gen format for a faulty console like the 360.

bioshock12213319d ago

lol wow can you be more of a fanboy

RyuCloudStrife3320d ago

this was one of my fave games on N64

Winter47th3320d ago

Well I dunno, should we start with the 10-year-old development cycle first?

ASSASSYN 36o3320d ago

D.N.F. Duke Nukem Forever or Did Not Finish.

bioshock12213319d ago

So basically the game developer basically wanted to make the perfect game and kept starting over when a new game engine came out. But they didn't worry about when to release it since they had so much money to support them but then that soon ran out as well.