Microsoft Charging $800?

Polar Panic is a puzzle game available on the Xbox Live Arcade, but comes with a $800 price tag? It seems that Microsoft made a mistake on the pricing of the game, it should in fact be 800 Microsoft Points.

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3220d ago
TheDeadMetalhead3220d ago

A typo...sure, let's go with that. ;o

@microtron - Go away.

RockmanII73220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

It's still 2009, this game will come out of no where and become GoTY after all the award shows already gave it out and they will all look stupid... /s.

Seriously Micro, go into the open zone or my ignore list... OR BOTH! lol right back you.

TheDeadMetalhead3220d ago

Just when on the Marketplace to see it for myself. The option to buy the game got taken down. It just has "All Downloads" and "Rate", now.

Kevin ButIer3220d ago

Polar Paaanic...

It must be a BEAST


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creatchee3220d ago

LOL - complete with an art book and special code to download a new costume I hope

ClownBelt3221d ago

That's pretty funny.

For a payed service, it sure makes a lot of mistakes. Lmao

3XP3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Don't be a moron, people make mistakes. Paid services are not living entities so whether it's a paid service has nothing to do with someone making a mistake. I guess the next time you make a mistake at work (if you have a job) you should be fired immediately.

edit: This is also clearly a good reason to use micro transactions, as if they was credit card payable, this mistake could have easily wound up on someone's credit card.

duplissi3220d ago

well.... to be quite honest you dont hear of mistakes like this ending up on psn.....

remember when we could get the bad company 2 xmb theme for our xbox? lol

xAlsoDaTruthx3220d ago

Don't make an ass out of yourself when you can't even spell the word PAID. Just pointing out we can all make mistakes.

That being said, I never see such ridiculousness on PSN. Ever.

3XP3220d ago

Even if a mistake like that was made on PSN, who actually would give a damn enough to report it as news anyway. I really don't even know why this was approved.

But, whatever I guess.

no_more_trolling3220d ago

please learn how to spell properly first

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Ninji3221d ago

Microsoft overcharges for everything and they know the retarded xbots will buy it regardless because it's their mommy's money.

Ninji3221d ago

What the hell you mean, "you people"?!

deadreckoning6663220d ago

"What the hell you mean, "you people"?!"


ChrisW3220d ago

I think he's refering to us... A.K.A. Droids.

4point7BillionLoss3220d ago

Probably one or two?

Your teeth are ugly get them cleaned you stupid droids !!!!

Pumbli3220d ago

4point7BillionLoss - Well... You have a smelly armpit!

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