Lens of Truth: God of War Retro Review

Lens of Truth writes - "Just in time for the holidays, we get a wonderful tale of death, revenge, and reclamation. No it isn't the story of the Ten Commandments, it is the tale of Kratos, the God of War. Now check out this retro Review to see if all the hype surrounding this Spartan is really worth it, or if Kratos should have been left on the Island of Misfit Toys with the rest of the Hack n' Slash titles."

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ArthurLee3225d ago

It gets tight near the top but this is probably the overall most memorable game on the PS2. The story and gameplay are both epic and Kratos is just bada$$. I can't wait for the 3rd.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3225d ago


Okay I can respect your opinion, now why did you think it's terrible?

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Darkeyes3225d ago

Story Sucks o_0 As far as I know, GOW series has one of the best stories around with an epic setting..... If you say GOW story sucks, then in short you must hate every single 360 game....

Grafix better on Xbox.... LMFAO. Ya the game looks better than any 360 game and the demo is still 1 year old.. Expect the real game to be significantly better looking....

In short.... OPEN ZONE---->

Somnipotent3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

game plays itself = uh, no it doesn't

no challenge = really? yeah, try playing it on titan

story sucks = best original storyline involving greek mythos in a long time

generic gameplay = so is halo ce/2/3/odst

mediocer gfx that are better on superior xbox = show me the money. it would have to be on the xbox first for it to be better on it.

at this rate you'll be at no bubbles in no time.

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OtherWhiteMeat3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

If the xbox is superior why aren't you playing it ??? Seems you like trolling better then your xbox.

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sikbeta3225d ago

Hey, what game you played, MW2? lol

He's probably mad cuz he bought the xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Bundle and got the RROD pretty fast


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Shogun Master3225d ago

I gotta agree with the 10 score. This game rocks. FFX is the best on the system though. 80+ hours of gameplay just can't be beat IMO.

Myze3225d ago

While I agree FFX is probably my favorite ps2 game (equal with Dark Cloud 2 and Persona 4...just so many great ps2 games though), I don't put it at the top because it's long. If that were the case, I would put FFXII above it, because it's a good 30-40+ hours longer if you do everything in both games. God of War 1/2 are near the top with the other games I mentioned simply due to fun-factor (which includes story/graphics/gameplay/etc.).

I'm sure this reply is overblown and you didn't mean that FFX is better simply because it lasts longer. ;)

sikbeta3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

PS2 line-up is HUGE, Great Amount of Awesome Games

Joe Bomb3225d ago

The "keys" to the architect's puzzle stick in my head for some reason...

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