MAG: Early Intel

IGN writes: We don't have too much longer to wait before we can jump into Zipper Interactive's MAG, the 256 player online shooter. If you've been lucky enough to take part in the beta, you'll know that there's a whole lot to Zipper's latest. Between the various game types, numerous PMC careers and leadership abilities, this is a title that'll require some time and practice to find your niche. Fortunately, with all of these options, it looks like there will be something for everyone.

To give you a taste of what's to come, and perhaps even an early advantage in knowing what you're doing and how you should be doing it, we're running a series of How To videos up until the game's late January launch.

We'll be updating this page with all of the latest content, so keep this page bookmarked to stay on top of the game.

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Darkfiber3276d ago

Early intel says this game will suck.

johnmark19823275d ago

you clearly did not play the beta the game is awesome there is almost not lag at all and the team aspect works really well if your an idiot and dont work as a team you simply die and get no score at all you have to work as a team