First footage of id's new engine

John Carmack is showing off id's secret new game engine. The demonstration showcased an "insanely detailed world" made up of 20GB of textures.

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Lord Anubis4740d ago


I would have passed it as another Motorstorm footage.

Covenant4741d ago






ReconHope4741d ago

it does look like a buggy in motorstorm

tehcellownu4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

20gb of textures only the power of the ps3 and blue ray can handle that..

EDIT: Blue ray will have the advantage here and will handle the game better..This gen is goin to required bigger space for games..

tony4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

not really. he did mention the 360 and pc too. do you it have on mute?

SwiderMan4741d ago

Not to take sides in a fanboy fight, but don't you think a PS3 fanboy would know how to spell "Blu-ray" without the 'e'? That should offend both Xbox 360 AND PS3 gamers.

Xi4741d ago

you would need around 20gigs of ram. if those textures were uncompressed.

CrazzyMan4741d ago

btw, demo is nice.
i wonder on what pc it was running, and how it was optimized for ps3, and how will run on both ps3 and x360 consoles. :)

motorstorm 2, on this engine, or somehow combined.. would look like on e3 2k5. =)

Xi4740d ago

how long it takes to stream uncompressed textures with out repeating textures? Right... Unless copied to ram, or compressed it would take to long to load.

CrazzyMan4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

that`s why gears of war and LAIR looks so good, with only 512MB on board.

ITR4740d ago

The tech demo was running on a Mac.

A revised ver will be shown at E3 for the Mac.

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JIN KAZAMA4741d ago

like the GRIZZLY in motorstorm.
I cant wait to see what they do with Motorstorm 2.