Rumoured info on Battlefield Bad Company 2

After scanning the internet for Battlefield Bad Company 2 news, Yourmgn found this posted on the front page of the totalbattlefield 2 website by CptainCrunch. Its a whole goldmine of info for Bad Company 2 summarised by garandx from interviews and such. Information for pc gamers are also thier such as punkbuster (facepalm), new attachments, hardcore mode and class contents.

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NateNater3225d ago

After seeing this, and hoping its true, I just added another game to my list of 2010 purchases. Great. Now I'm gonna be flat out broke next year. But at least I'll be playing amazing games like this one :)

Noctis Aftermath3224d ago

After day 1 of the beta i added it to my "must-buy" list.

bacon133224d ago

Agree with you there. There are so many good games coming out in the next few months. I really hope BC:2 and MAG can dethrone MW2 as top shooter. Too many wankers and cry babies playing.

mrv3213224d ago

I don't understand why developers don't make bots? I mean this game has a singleplayer right? So the AI is mostly their they just have to program in some more online stuff and your done.

Mind you Battlefields A.I has never been the best. I remember 1942, I was up in a tower looking down a long road and here comes 8 enemies on foot with assault riffles. They ley down too far away to be effective but shoot none the less. Let's just say 8 rounds later they where no more.

Nihilism3224d ago

A.I has come a long way in recent years, i'm sure it would be a cakewalk for them to implement some basic but effective bots for offline deathmatch, i'm sure it often comes down to laziness, but i'm one of the few that don't game online, and as I have this pre-ordered, i've had my fingers crossed for bots for ages, theres a thread on the official forums with a poll for it, and it's the biggest thread by several times over...still no response from dice

mrv3213224d ago

It's down to the fact that bots are never used only Killzone 2 is the latest game to use them.

But I agree... bots are good just to tease. Like you manage to corner them and just wait for them to respawn over and over.

Rauland3224d ago

Alot of different guns..... i like =]

Hanif-8763224d ago

All of who complained about the kill cam and made DICE take it out, here is a big Fuuck you!

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