The Eye of Judgement Legends Coming to PSP

Kumi Yuasa of SCEA announced today via the Official Blog that The Eye of Judgement Legends for the PSP will be arriving only on the PlayStation Store in Spring of 2010.

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Blaze9293276d ago

Maybe now you can bring out that PSP Camera that Americans have been so patiently waiting for. You know...the one that was supposed to come out holiday of 2008:


Redempteur3275d ago

doesn't work with a camera

Meryl3275d ago

will you be able to use the ps3 eye of judgment cards for it?? i wonder

Redempteur3275d ago

no real cards and no periphericals (should have all cards from set 1&2 at least

Proxy3275d ago


Now I can enjoy the game I purchased without purchasing additional pieces of cardboard.

ThanatosDMC3275d ago

It better be as good or better than Tag Force 4. The amount of cards in the game is amazing and the strategy involved. I wish they would do the same with Magic the Gathering. Are there any other card game that requires a lot of thinking and strategy???

Raoh3275d ago

damn that, can we have yugioh and marvel vs. for the playstation eye please?

Socomer 19793275d ago

Love the eye of judgement!
its great to see the franchise still making games.