Photos of Blizzard Headquarters from the inside [Pics]

Ever wonder what the inside of a dream gaming job look like? Well, it's basically what you probably already imagined. A workplace filled with toys, whiteboards that aren't used for productivity, video games, and overall awesomeness. Check out all 106 pics of photos from Blizzard HQ.

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Ziriux3276d ago

Oh nice, always wondered what the king of MMo had inside.

nothere3276d ago

Would be an awesome place to visit, but I bet the pressure on the job matches the lavishness of the surroundings ;)

solidxz3276d ago

There might be a lot of pressure, but I'm sure the employees enjoy what they do because it shows in their games.

iseven3276d ago

If they had a spiral slide as a 3rd alternative to stairs and elevator to go form floor 2 to 1, then i'd be inclined to apply.

Fishy Fingers3276d ago

Loved the South Park screen slipped in there. One of the best episodes ever!

Overmind4203276d ago

I want to work there! Think they need a video game tester?

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