Tekken 6 update coming early next year

PS3 Attitude: "It looks like the Tekken 6 online Scenario Campaign update will be released "very early" next year."

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TukkerIntensity3226d ago

Tekken 6 is my first Tekken game but I absolutely love the competitive play. Unfortunately the campaign is complete trash imho...maybe this will help!?

Emmettcelticfan3226d ago

first they shaft us with poor online. and then they delay the update that was promised to us at the end of the year. how hard can it be to add online play to scenario campaign

gtamike1233226d ago

I liked scenario campaign but now i've got all trophies for Tekken 6 PS3.

Delta3226d ago

What happen to "Before Christmas"?

Delriach3226d ago

The first official word from Namco was that it was coming in the "winter".