The 7 Best Videogame Manuals of All Time

Destructoid writes: "Growing up, birthdays and Christmases were about the only times I would ever get new games. I was always excited to play them right away, but when you're a kid, you have to at least feign courteousness and wait for everyone else to open their gifts and visit a while before holing up in your room with your Sega Genesis. At least, that's how my Christmases always worked.

Anyway, to keep myself sane through the wait, I would thoroughly go over the supplemental material that came along with the games I got. Year after year of this repeated behavior ingrained it in me to the point where I now mentally tie together memories of reading game manuals with the holiday season. Yes, as silly as it sounds, reading videogame manuals is a holiday tradition of mine.

Consequently, I can't help but think of shrinking manual sizes around this time of year. I know that they are fast becoming extinct for several good reasons: saving paper, ink, money, and utilizing in-game tutorials. And I'm all for these changes. It's just a little sad to see something you grew up with vanish completely, leaving nothing but thin, uninteresting leaflets in their wake. Interesting tutorials are too few and far between to fill the hole that's left.

Being sad around the holidays is no good, so let's just think to the glorious past for a while. Here are the seven best videogame manuals of all time.. or, at least my personal favorites!"

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GWAVE3222d ago

Nice list! When I saw the title, I immediately thought to myself "MGS3 and MGS4". Glad to see that those games made the list.

JOLLY13222d ago

For me it was Earth Worm Jim 1 & 2....hilarious!

markfrost3222d ago

I found some a scans gallery from EWJ2 for those interested.

JOLLY13222d ago

I have wanted to show some people these...

BlackTar1873222d ago

I remeber playing those till my fingers were red.

Great games : )

EJ 3d not so much : (

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DarkTower8053222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Nice flashback. Btw, the worst manual of all time is definately Modern Warfare 2. That thing is ridiculous, but I guess for that game no manual is needed.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Fallout 3's manual was pretty damn good too, I actually read through it.

kraze073221d ago

I thought I was the only one that realized how sh!tty the manual for MW2 was. Heck, I wouldn't even use that garbage to wipe my a$$ after taking a dump.

bacon133221d ago

LOL. I couldn't agree more. The epilepsy warning is the longest thing in the manual.

Relientk773222d ago

Basically any old game should make the list, back in the day game manuals used to be soo kickass, now present day they are usually lacking

DarkTower8053222d ago

Yeah, I remember the first thing after buying the game was reading the manual on the way home. And not so much to learn the buttons, but to enjoy the artwork and get hyped up. Ahh, the good ole days.

dalibor3221d ago

That's true. I like how if you purchase PS1 games using the PS3 you get to see how the manual was. I just checked the FF7 booklet & it had even a mini strategy guide, it was like a 64 page booklet lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.