GameSpot: inFamous Wins Best Original IP of 2009

inFamous, free of the shackles that an established brand often carries, was able to deliver a thoroughly compelling adventure without having to compromise any of its ideas to fit some preestablished identity. Playing as Cole MacGrath, you follow his transformation from everyman into anything-but as the game progresses, and you dictate his fate by the choices you make. It's this unique take that makes inFamous stand out. Your reactions to people in peril change how the world perceives and responds to you.

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Saaking3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I really love that Sony seems to be the only one actually moving forwards and offering new IPs. Uncharted, inFAMOUS, Demon's Soul, Modnation Racers, Heavy Rain, MAG. I mean, that's more than both the other companies combined. And that's why I choose PlayStation over other consoles.

raztad3224d ago

Bungie is jealous :D

Come on Bungie you will have Halo:Reach next year.

On topic: inFAMOUS was an awesome ride. Played and replayed, good and evil. Loved it.

mrv3213224d ago

Replacing the 'S' in Sony with a dollar sign implies Sony is greedy... yet your name is Bungie who made ODST so explain why a company who produces new games is greedier that a company who re-released the same game for $60?

Doc Sony3224d ago

you're a total mistery to me sometimes.

NewZealander3224d ago

lol nice speech sacking, sounds like you practice that in front of the mirror every morning.

mrv3213224d ago

It's two people didn't you know?

multipayer3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

While saaking is using 3 games that come out next year, to make it seem the competition has even less original IPs... Infamous is very similar to crackdown, with some sonic adventure moments. I think Demons Soul deserves it more anyway, or borderlands.

EDIT: N4G is soo full of fail.

GiantEnemyCrab3224d ago

You guys take this guy seriously? He is a joke.

If this person thinks Sony is the only one introducing new IP's and ironically one being Crackdown which Infamous seems awfully similar.

"Sony seems to be the only one actually moving forwards and offering new IPs." = LMFAO

TheBlackSmoke3224d ago

Its quite simple why SONY is winning all the awards at the end of the year... Microsoft brought nothing in 2009.

Somnipotent3224d ago

again, i'm going to have to AGREE with bungie (up to the point with the $ but then again, what company doesn't bend you over for your cash... looking at you M$).

evrfighter3224d ago

Infamous thats the one that's like Prototype right?

I woulda figured Borderlands would have won that award. It's the most "original" idea this year anyway

sikbeta3224d ago

InFamous is just great, being Good/"Evil" is definitely Amazing

I'm always the good guy, but playing as the Bad guy with Cole is priceless

Megatron083224d ago

I wonder how much money $ony spent to get that award. Dragon Age and Shadow Complex blow every other new ip out of the water.

Oh and btw retard oops raztard bungie didnt make any new ip this year you stupid [email protected]

raztad3224d ago


hehehehehehe. So funny.

Immortal3213224d ago

the difference between playing a game and posting on N4g is pretty different

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jack_burt0n3224d ago

Wow great news, game is fantastic if u havent got it yet pick it up!!

cmrbe3224d ago

is the Uncharted DF of 09. An excellent game that the media overlooked because of other high profile games coming out that same year.

With the strong foundation built. Infamous 2 is going to rock the gaming world like U2 did this year. Congrats to SP.

GabeTheFatPrincess3224d ago

Congrats Sucker Punch, great job, Prototype doesn't even compare.

To add to what Saaking said, Ive always loved the PS Brand since it has a great variety of games and genres. Just because Their games don't sell 5 million in a week, doesn't mean Sony and it's 1st&2nd party will stop making games that innovate and refresh the industry. I look forward to seeing what else the PS3 can do.

sikbeta3224d ago

I agree, definitely Great game


What prototype? oh... a prototype of half-a$$ed game or an InFamous wannabe lol

Troll_Police3224d ago

PS3 exclusives are racking up the awards.

alphakennybody3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

best super hero game made so far,oh and fyi for those who's going to bring Batman AA in this,I'm a batman fan since the age of 4 but inFamous is just that good especially the ending batman just went where other game would usually go. where inFamous tried on something more daring that leaves your imagination completely open.

@ raztad, Batman: ending is your usual boss fight and cliff hanger. Truthfully I was disappointed when I got there.

himdeel3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Batman AA is my favorite comic book super hero game. inFamous is my favorite super hero/villain game.

If Sucker Punch smooths out their engine, and adds more mission types on top of the same good super hero/villain story it'll be AMAZING!! I really like inFamous a LOT :)

I can see inFamous 2 moving forward in term of quality and overall product like Uncharted: DF to Uncharted2: AT. So very please with inFamous and cannot wait for a sequel.

raztad3224d ago

100% agree about the ending, it was mind blowing. I havent played B:AA yet so I cant say which game is better, but just judging by replay value inFAMOUs is the clear winner.

cmrbe3224d ago

did very well but SP is SP for no reason. I was kicking myself for not seeing the ending in how it unfolded. I always pride myself in figuring out the plots of games and movies but Infamous is one game that completely blindsided me. With how it ended. Infamous 2 is going to so freaking amazing.

bjornbear3224d ago

infamous blew me out of the water with the twist O.o....i was totally tripped out.

infamous 2 might be what...the past? =O


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