GameSpot: Killzone 2 Wins Most Improved Sequel Award

If the core of a first-person shooter comes down to how fun it is to shoot, then Killzone 2 was already a shoo-in for this category. While the original Killzone's weapons were limp and unsatisfying, Killzone 2's are weighty, effective, and an absolute blast to shoot. Yet the improvements go far beyond the enhanced arsenal. Killzone's artificial intelligence was remarkably inept, but Killzone 2 exhibits some of the year's finest AI, another reason the action is so much more satisfying. And while its predecessor suffered from a variety of technical issues that marred its otherwise strong presentation, Killzone 2 is a technical marvel, stunning to both look at and listen to.

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cmrbe3316d ago

Finally people are starting to give credit were credit is due.

Saaking3316d ago

Definitely, play KZ and then play KZ2. It's a HUGE difference (and not just graphical, but gameplay wise as well). GG did an amazing job.

Bungie3316d ago

i love the multiplayer with the super cool guns

it feels like a real war

Lord_Ranos3316d ago

Bungie stop your stealth trolling.

rezenu3316d ago

Yes, yes and yes. This game rocks.

ZombieNinjaPanda3316d ago

But his stealth trolling sucks..

It's not even worth it calling it trolling. It's just being annoying.

Traveler3316d ago

Absolutely. Killzone 2 is a huge improvement over its predecessor in almost every way. Guerrilla did a great job.

Traveler3316d ago

LOL at the people who disagreed with Bungie. I guess the guns aren't super cool and the multiplayer isn't worth loving and it doesn't feel like a real war. :0

He said nothing but positive things and some of you still construe it as stealth trolling. Stealth trolling is when you say one or two good things about something and then go on to say a bunch of negative things just because you think you made yourself seem neutral because of your positive comments.

Since Bungie said nothing but good things it can't be considered stealth trolling regardless of his console preference. It's just like if Saaking came into a Halo thread and said "Halo is a top notch shooter franchise and I love the gameplay", I would be mad if people disagreed with him just because he prefers his PS3.

TheBlackSmoke3316d ago

Its quite simple why SONY is winning all the awards at the end of the year... Microsoft brought nothing in 2009.

CrazzyMan3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

On the other note,
Good for Killzone 2, it really deserves all praise!

TheBand1t3316d ago

Everyone disagrees with Bungine because he's the alt account of some kid named OWNED, who also had many other accounts, such as Cancellationofthecell, etc.

Narutone663316d ago

GS have been awarding all awesome PS3 games. UC2, KZ2, and even InFamous. Yep, year of the PS3 confirmed.

ZombieNinjaPanda3316d ago


When you've spent the last month attacking everything, then the next month praising the same thing, you know that they are stealth trolling.

sikbeta3316d ago

This game deserve all the praise possible because this game and GG deserve the recognition

Gamers FTW!!!

evrfighter3316d ago

lol if an xbox fan says something good about a ps3 game its stealth trolling "REPORT HIM"!!!!!!11!!!


only @ n4g

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3316d ago
Apocalypse Shadow3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

ps3 seems to be capable of recreating epic war scenarios with games that push the envelope.

16vs16/20vs20/30vs30/128vs128 with great graphics.

i mean really....would you rather have 4vs4/5vs5/8vs8 for games that claim to be "WAR GAMES" when those numbers are really just small "bar room brawls?"or future games and tech that allows bigger experiences of war?

the tech that sony and their devs use today means **POSSIBLE** large games of medievil battles/space battles/combat battles of epic proportions.

in real life,squads,platoons and battalions make up a large fighting force to take on the opposing force.not 10 people that think their all RAMBO.

can't wait to see killzone 3 and future combat games from sony.great job guerilla games.

kaveti66163316d ago

Try harder Apocalypse. It seems that every time you praise Sony, you make sure to imply that Microsoft sucks.

Uncharted 2 has an excellent multiplayer system, and yet it doesn't have to be a 16 on 16 match for me to enjoy it. It's only 5 on 5.

Traveler3316d ago

I love Killzone 2 and I play it a lot because they made it work and it is great fun. But having more players doesn't necessarily equal a better or more fun game. I can honestly say I enjoy Uncharted 2 online every bit as much as Killzone 2 (maybe more) and it has a 5 vs 5 player count.

MAG has more players than any other game has ever tried and I didn't particularly like the beta. I will definitely give it another shot when it comes out, but beta impressions weren't all that great. More players doesn't equal a better experience. There are far more important factors.

TheBlackSmoke3316d ago

Yea but Uncharted 2 is not a war game. Its nate and his buddies vs a team of hired mercs so in that context it would not make sense to have huge team battles.

Modern warfare on the other hand is supposed to be two nations army's battling it out so its a valid complaint.

Traveler3316d ago

That's a weak excuse. Getting closer to reality does not always result in the most enjoyable games. The basic fact stands, having more players does not always result in a more enjoyable online experience.

TheBlackSmoke3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

For sure there's a place for small team games like Uncharted 2 MP and they are just as enjoyable as large scale MP games but that's not the point Apocalypse shadow was making.

Obviously im not saying simply throwing more players in to a map = better. but larger and more creative map design plus smart ways of dispersing players such as squads and objectives so as to not create a clusterf~ck, mean that it is a much more true war experience whilst still being balanced and fun.

Its all about feeling the immersion of being in a war and games like R2 and mag do that because you know that somewhere else there's a whole other battle going on in the same match but in the end every prson on your team no matter where they are is contributing to the same goal.

Sorry but MW2 is just an FPS with a military skin slapped on it.

Dorwrath3316d ago

Smaller teams seem to work better. Seems when you have all these big match making games with like 50 players in it everyone is running around like headless chickens.

Apocalypse Shadow3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

at least YOU get it.kav got owned and now he's still upset at me.

there are those that don't like simulation like GT.there are those that don't like complicated rpgs.there are those that don't like complicated puzzle games.

but there are those THAT DO.but some here think that because they don't like it,companies shouldn't make it.or that it's not good.

it's not good for THEM.not everyone else.

but at least YOU GET IT.

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Troll_Police3316d ago

PS3 exclusives are racking up the awards.

CARRIERHASARRIVED3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Edit: @ Apocalypse Shadow

I can't give credit for games supporting 16vs16. I like 6vs6 or 5vs5 the best. It's not chaotic, but you still need to watch out. Spawn, toss a grenade, get a kill, run a couple feet, shoot someone in the back, get a kill, get shot in the back or killed by a random grenade, respawn. Even though your k/d is about 2:1 in games like that, it's still not fun. Not for me anyway. Give me a polished 5vs5 or 8vs8 maximum and I'll be happy. 12vs12/16vs16 is too chaotic in most games. In games where you only take 4 rounds to get killed, being outnumbered against people who are aware of your presence just doesn't end up well. And that usually happens in the games of 8vs8 and up.

cmrbe3316d ago

You have no idea i much i love it when i hear that phrase. "Carrier has arrived". Still play SC to this day. SC2 can't come soon enough.

Anyway, on topic. For me it depends on the Map type. If you have a small map then small player count would be better obviously. The thing is though KZ2 you can limit players to be 4 on 4 if you like. Having the option for more is never a bad thing.


12vs12 or 16vs16 Radec Academy makes me want to cry! Haha. Yeah though. Some maps are ok for those 16vs16 matches, like the Hills, and Beach Head. The only problem is not many people play on those maps, and do 32 player matches in places like Tharsis and Radec.