GameSpot: Uncharted 2 Wins Best Graphics, Technical Award of 2009

The market is littered with games that look good in some ways but falter in others. Uncharted 2 is one of the few games that you virtually cannot find fault with in terms of graphics, no matter how much you nitpick. It looks stunning in both screenshots and videos. You'll be just as impressed by the massive views of Nepal as you will by the most subtle of facial animations. At one point it even feels like the world is going to end as you fight for your life inside a collapsing building--and the frame rate stubbornly refuses to drop.

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Jsynn73221d ago

Wow. Is this really gamespot? I'm shocked. Seriously, well deserved. UC2 looks great. Let's see if ND can upgrade their engine and outdo themselves in the next UC game.

Saaking3221d ago

Giving it to any other game (unless it's a PC exclusive) would just be inept. I'm glad GS made the right choice.

Bungie3221d ago

Uncharted 2 best grafix and goty hands down

super awesome game

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TheBand1t3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Bungie, it doesn't take an idiot to see that Microtron is just your alt account. You're not fooling anyone.

MICROTRON3221d ago

forza has better graphics

gamespot is sellout

sikbeta3221d ago

This game is Pure EPICNESS

Naughty Dog Raise the Bar with this game and nobody can't deny that

UC2 All The Way

Gamers FTW!!

Skip_Bayless3221d ago

Haha Gamespot aren't moneyhats anymore. Just look how much love they give to the PS3 exclusives. Infamous wins, Killzone 2 wins, and Uncharted 2 wins.

SaberEdge3221d ago

I guess this puts an end to that whole nonsense about Gamespot being biased against the PS3.

Anyway, Uncharted 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. I loved everything about it. Naughty Dog polished it and then polished it some more. A well deserved win.

Ravage273221d ago

but they were pretty damn biased back in those days, just saying

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Troll_Police3221d ago

PS3 exclusives are racking up the awards.

madestar3221d ago

gamespot are a bunch of douche bags.. now they're giving credit to ps3?? hop off the bandwagon.. when everyone was giving ps3 props they've haven't and now that it's the "in" thing.. now they want to give out rewards.. they make me sick

jalen2473221d ago

Well deserved win for Sony. Sony is racking up the awards. They had a fantastic year!

unrealgamer583221d ago

no way man!
Halo Reach dlowz diz otta teh [email protected]


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Kittenz3221d ago

Do you own a 360 and play on Live? Because apparently, from what I've been told, the only people who play on live are foul mouthed 13 year olds. Your post looks like something that would be written by one of those 13 year old 360 players but you're a PS3 fan? It's confusing

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