Celebrity Laps From the GT5 academy Demo

Before the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Demo was released to the public, it was open to a few members of the press and special VIPs involved with the GT series. While their hot laps and replays were taken offline when the leader boards were reset, they live on thanks to more videos via TaxiGamer. Below you'll find clips of Kazunori Yamauchi and the first GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez.

"Six-time WRC champion Sebastian Loeb was also spotted in the rankings"

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randomwiz4290d ago

how the hell do they go so fast? I've played it about 50 times and my best times are 1:41/1:50

Bodyboarder_VGamer4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Man, you suck! I can easily do a time of 1:50 with the red 350z(you know, the un-tuned one)... I still haven't tried with the black 350z (tuned) though.