Metroid Prime 2: Echoes And Subtle Immersion

Sometimes, it's funny how things work. Most game development studios today aspire to be able to make players feel like they're in the game, rather than simply playing it. Developers go to great lengths to make good on their promises of "immersion" and "realism," both terms usually used as an indicator of how effectively the art and narrative invoke a sense of escapism in the player.

While there are certainly other ways of making a player feel more involved in a game, these days, immersion is commonly defined by how effectively the script and the artwork can make you believe in the world your character inhabits. This is upheld as the mantra of modern game design, and very rarely does one come across a game where the developers go out of their way to constantly remind you that you're playing a game, as opposed to being in one. Strangely enough, this exactly what Retro Studios have done with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and the end result is nothing short of fascinating.

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EvilTwin3223d ago

Echoes got a lot of hate because people thought the light/dark dynamic was too generic. It's also one of the most challenging games released last gen (this gen, too), so people gave up half way. Then add to that how it had to follow up Prime (a game most in the industry thought was a lost cause half way through; Echoes, by comparison, was hyped big time on the GC).

It's taken 5 years and a re-release with a new control scheme, but it looks like people are finally starting to appreciate it. IMO, it's Retro's best game thus far.

pcz3223d ago

it probably has to be the most difficult game i have ever played. but its enjoyable. i think the dark/light idea is interesting. Its way harder than the 1st and 3rd prime games.

If im completely honest, i think its the level design that makes it so difficult, its like a maze. There is so much back tracking and running around in circles.