GameSpot: Killzone 2 Wins Best Competitive Multiplayer Game of 2009

When you first dive into Killzone 2's competitive warzone, you don't have much in the way of options. Limited weapons, ammo, and grenades make you feel like a new recruit, and the battlefield can be a deadly place. Gloomy lighting, thick smoke, and harsh industrial environments create an oppressive atmosphere, and the sound of battle often grows to a cacophony that few other shooters can match.

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TheHater3320d ago

Is this a joke/type by Gamespot? Please tell me this is not a type. I am shock to say the least about gamespot giving any game competitive multiplayer game of the year other than MW2. Kudos to Gamespot for giving it to a game that deserved it.

deadreckoning6663320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

This ones gunna get ugly...

The MW2 bashing has already begun in the open zone. The old "lets downplay one game to bring up another" mentality still exists. Lol, kids these days. I thought KZ2 had the best competitive MP for a while then I got bored of it in August.

In all honesty, I had more fun with the Bad Company 2 beta in a month than I did with KZ2's multiplayer 5 months.

@Raz- I do okay:)I stopped playing actually for a while, I'm looking to get back in soon and wipe off some rust. BTW everyone my PSN is deadreckoning666, I just finished my finals so I'm getting back inta KZ2 TO-DAY!!

raztad3320d ago


I know you are really good at KZ2 multi :) You should be happy.

BTW I'm really happy for KZ2 and extremely surprised myself for Gamespot acknowledging KZ2 multiplayer quality.

Bungie3320d ago

KZ2 deserves it

thanks you $ony and GG

creatchee3320d ago

Not saying that MW2 deserves it, but to me, KZ2 doesn't either.

Good? Yes. Fun? For a time. Best of the year? No.

TheBlackSmoke3320d ago

To be honest its kind of shocking but gamepspot seem to be changing their ways of old. Im glad they didnt cave in and simply give it to the lowest common denominator FPS...MW2. Only thing people could complain about was the fact they actually had to aim for themselves in KZ2, but I'm glad guerilla games decided not to insult our intelligence and instead give us something worth learning, there's nothing wrong with actually having to use skill.

ColdFire3320d ago

Given the large number of updates this year, I am shocked that the PC version of TF2 is not on the list. Frankly, while MW2, and L4D2 held my interest for a while, I drifted back to TF2 very soon.

cmrbe3320d ago

about a year now. Gamespot is back to its former glory. IGN has gone down the drain. The only thing i want Gamespot to do now is to be alot more critical of games like the normally do. Resonalble and constructive critic that is.

If you guys read their reviews and hands on for the last couple of months they have been spot on. It's like Gamespot of old. Infomative,resonable, straight to the point, logical and no fanfare.

GWAVE3320d ago

KZ2 deserves any/all media praise it receives.

The media would rather forget this game ever existed, but gamers don't forget so easily.

kneon3320d ago

But still playing Killzone 2 online almost every day

camachoreloaded88063320d ago

Congrats to Killzone 2 for winning the award from Gamespot though. It's just that in MW2, there's so many different attachments for every weapon, killstreaks to reward people for doing well, challenges for virtually everything, and I just found it to be so much more addicting. To each their own though.

Uncharted 2 definitely had great multiplayer too, but the long loading times killed it for me. As well as the grenade spamming and taking 8 bullets to kill someone. And no, I don't suck at it, my kill/death ratio is 2.4 last time I checked.

I didn't try Killzone 2's multiplayer for very long. Props to the graphics, but I couldn't get used to the heavy feel.

Consoldtobots3320d ago

it takes a killzone to create a warzone and this game is unmatched in that regard.

DaTruth3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

I actually really enjoyed scrolling through those choices. Even though I didn't play a lot of those games, it seemed they deserved the merit and as soon as I saw Best original game mechanic, I knew it was Demon's Souls for the win!

Really balanced and no complaints here!

And Killzone 2 is about the only online game that held my attention for so long other than Warhawk(but wasn't a lot else to play at that time)until I was prevented from playing due to time constraints!

duplissi3320d ago


gamespot just may get my respect back..... remember gerstmann?

infamous best original ip, and killzone best competitive multiplayer!

cmrbe3320d ago


RC ACIT : Best writing in game. Should be U2 but RC ACIT is good enough.

U2 : Best graphics tech. Not really a surprise.

ico923320d ago

good kz2 deserved i guess gamespot are one of the few people including to see MW2 multiplayers most fatal flaw ....the CAMPERS !!!!! thats all people do is hide in the corner with the generous auto aim, its a joke not to mention the M4 with unlimited range , the glitches and the broken health system, MW2 has the most overrated competitive multplayer ever
KZ2 > MW2 online

duplissi3320d ago

im curious to see what other games will win in the next few days..... especially goty.

gamespot surprised me, going against the grain when it comes to gaming media.

ZombieNinjaPanda3320d ago

Bungie, some advice, take some lessons from Zhuk on how to troll.

Or that other guy that's a master at stealth trolling.

Either way, you need some work on your trolling.

pimpmaster3320d ago

wow dude, i dunno wtf is up with all this bs lately. MW2 owns kz2. i have both games, kz2 online is lackluster theres only 4 modes! leme see theres capture the propaganda speaker mode, theres bodycount, and theres the activate and defend the bomb mode.... am i missing anything? that makes 3 modes oh yea and then assasination mode which sucks. 4 modes. yea kz2 multiplayer is so much better, i specially like the slow unresponsive controls and the complete ripoff of the xp system

Digitaldude3320d ago

Its funny I am shocked,
But i have increasing respect for Gamespot now and little to none for IGN.

DaTruth3320d ago

At least it doesn't have a knife you can throw across a whole level and get an automatic kill!

MW2 needed to have at least a week in 2009 with glitch free gameplay before it could win! A game riddled with bugs just can't win competitive online of the year. It was worse than the Socom Confrontation launch!

pimpmaster3320d ago

MW2 online" It was worse than the Socom Confrontation launch! "

thats the stupidest comment ive ever read in my life. socom wasnt even playable, you couldnt join a game, it lagged like hell. MW2 is awesome it wasnt until later when people found out the javelin glitch, i still dont know wtf other glitches your talking about.

DaTruth3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Please read your last comment! Then my comment will be the second stupidest comment you ever read in your life!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3320d ago

Of course IGN will give it to Modern Bore-Fare 2.

L-Teezy3319d ago

im suprised not to see ALL sites praising KZ2 on its KICK ASS, revolutionary clan system. sure all the top clans are boosters, but thats not the game's fault. its almost useless to have a clan in MW2. KZ2 definately deserves recognition for this as well.

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yoghurt3320d ago

Fantastic! recognition for a GREAT game, so happy this won over MW2 as alot of people have missed out on this (nows the time to get it!)

ZombieAutopsy3320d ago

Well deserved, good to see such an amazing game getting the recognition it should.

happy_gilmore3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

laggy p2p, 18-player, unbalanced, glitchy MP of cod4mw2

oh yeah, mw2 is not even nominated for GOTY.. that glitch-fest relly got old fast.. i switched back to kz2 and uncahrted 2 for my MP fix.. uncharted 2 improved a lot with the 1.03 patch. fast loading times and rematch option FTW!

chidori6663320d ago

haters of killzone 2 incoming in 5,4,3,2,,1....

BYE3320d ago

The haters are ducking like usual on positive PS3 news.

3320d ago
Sir Ken_Kutaragi3320d ago

...Halo 3:RRoDST:Again wins...NOTHING!!! ;-D

I LOVE KZ2!!! ;-P Everytime i play it i go 'WOW!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!' ;-P

Hanif-8763319d ago

Who didn't buy this game is truly missing out. Also, its one of the best games i've ever played in my life.

4point7BillionLoss3319d ago

and forgot all about KZ2's reality lag glitch ... !!!

Stupid droid - get your teeth whitened !!!!

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Morituri3320d ago

Mind is blown. I mean, I know that this is the truth in every way, but to have a "respected" website proclaim it from the rooftops for all the world to read... unfathomable...

KZ2 is absolutely the best multiplayer game of 09 in my humble opinion. I know that this article will get ransacked by Modern Warfare 2 fanbois, but I'm glad that at least one website had the balls to put the truth out there. Much respect gamespot. One luv.