Top 25 Games of the Decade - #5: Diablo II

"Diablo II succeeded in an area that many other genre leaders haven't – it set the bar so high that everything else has paled in comparison. Yes, that's right. Every hack and slash and/or dungeon crawler is still being compared to the nine-year-old Blizzard title that hasn't fallen from the position of being the king of the mountain.

Online gaming and pushed Diablo II above and beyond the expectations of the hack and slash genre. The advancement of multiplayer is always a welcomed feature in the gaming industry and Diablo II did just that with a cooperative experience that gamers are enjoying still even to this day. Even Blizzard has realized this and updated the title earlier this year with a new patch."

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Viewtiful3223d ago

I always forget about this one. Hard to believe D2 was made in this decade, but yeah, 2000.

Caspel3223d ago

I cannot wait until Diablo 3. It's funny that the only game that will probably be able to supplant Diablo 2 as the hack and slash title to draw from is Diablo 3 haha.

athmaus3223d ago

never been a huge fan of this much occult for my tastes....