Killzone 2 Dev Comments on Future of Game Development

Split-Screen: "Jan-Bart van Beek is no stranger to perfection. Especially when he was behind the painstakingly nuanced environments of Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 for the PS3. There's certainly an interesting past to his involvement – he played a key role in the notorious E3 2005 'target render' trailer of KZ 2 – and he commented not too long ago on the direction he believes gaming technology will take in the next 10 years."

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-Alpha3320d ago

He isn't saying anything surprising or unheard of, but it's interesting to see that devs use "baking, downsizing, and polygon-reduction techniques".

The future is always brighter and more prosperous. Screw the next 10 years, I'm imagining gaming in the next 100 years. Now that's a thought worth pondering.

Also, this is the guy that worked on K2's environments? Bravo to him, the game captures a very mature scenery of war-beaten environments.

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Nambassa3319d ago

Wow, looks like the mods have been going crazy... lol Anyway, congratulations to this guy, the Killzone 2 environments are truly spectacular and packed with detail.

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Jsynn73320d ago

KZ2, graphically, has definitely set the bar for consoles. I hope to see more games look that way. I hope devs will look at the engine used to make KZ2 and use it in their games or come up with something that'll surpass it. I'm also intrested to see, when KZ3 is officially announced, if GG upgraded the engine. Let the media hate on it all they want but this is where the future of console gaming graphics is heading. I'm interested in Brink and what it'll bring to the table. Either way, the future of gaming is looking brighter and brighter everyday.

tripewire3319d ago

If you download the bullet interactive demo one of the audio commentery options actually mentions a few new bits of tech that they had added to the engine but that hadn't made it into the final game. Water, reflections and textures i think were some of the things, but I could be wrong

chidori6663320d ago

i hope killzone 3uses 100% of spus..

hikayu173319d ago

my mind was pretty much blown apart at 60% . i dont know what will happen with 100% .
im prepare for a total mindrape . hit me with your best shot XD .

Fishy Fingers3320d ago

Your better of hitting the source if your really interested, there's much more information http://features.cgsociety.o...

jalen2473320d ago

You can count on Killzone 3 to redefine what is possible in a video whenever it is released!

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