Destructoid: FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Review

The Crystal Bearers gives you something the likes of which you've never played before, and in the end, Destructoid thinks it can stand proudly along side other risky, underappreciated Squaresoft classics like Brave Fencer Musashi and Tobal 2. Ask someone to buy it for you for Christmas/Hannukah/whatever, or pick it up used down the line. Just don't write it off as nothing special.

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SpoonyRedMage3221d ago

I think that's a really well written review because it actually informs us of what the game is like and why we might like or dislike it.

PS360WII3221d ago

Yeah good enough review. Sure it's silly but that's part of the charm of it all :) Plus I didn't know 15 hours was short! I finished it in 13 but I still had plenty left to do and like he said SE gives you a reason to play it again.

They were spot on with the enemies. You can fight them but once the night time is done they go away and the npcs are back and you can continue if you would like. The range of music does have a wide range! I was surprised by that and yeah I do like how it's not always walking around and then fighting a group of monsters. You do fight Bahamut one minute then assist in a butt-bumping match lol