Daily Grind: How Realistic Do You Like Your Games?

In real life, if you've not noticed, you don't have hit points. Getting stabbed by a sword once is pretty much crippling if not outright fatal. Fall too far and you don't suffer some uniform amount of damage across your whole body -- you frequently wind up breaking your legs or your spine, and it can be a slow and painful recovery process if you ever recover.

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RedDragan3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Or the XBOX owners will complain. They ain't happy unless you can run about 30MPH for hours on end, take on an entire army on your own and a warzone is represented in colours that resembles "Imaginary Land" from South Park!!!!

Essentially, kids won't be any good at games if it was realitic. That is why Xbox owners suck at PS3s Killzone 2 but PC owners have no problems with it.